Must-Watch TV Series: Undercover Boss

Looking for an inspirational TV show, I definitely recommend Undercover Boss. It is all about the heads of the companies, who wish to see first-hand what their employees are doing under a disguise. At the end of each TV session, the company will disperse large sums of money to deserving employees that embody the ideals of their respective organizations.
In my point of view, the TV show made me see three different perspectives: 

1. Successful people are truly generous more than we expect them to be.

Successful people give more than their desire to take more. This is their responsibility to every people, who helped them become the person they are now today. This duty is not just about money, but also includes attention and acknowledgment given to common people, who are working very hard to earn a living.

Personally, this inspires me to make my own business in the future and perhaps I am making this blog to motivate others to build their own also to help others. We may not become as rich as the top managers featured on the show, but we can ensure our future employees they will get the respect and recognition every employee should have. I remember my grandfather telling me that whatever we have now is no longer for us, but for the people working for us and their family. It is our duty to make good decisions of our existing business not merely to ensure profit, but to create more regular employments for everyone to benefit from.

2. There are people who do their job with passion and honesty.

An employee understands the aspiration of the organization he or she belongs. Getting a job is not just about sufficiency of salary and its implication to the financial capability of an individual. Instead, it about the belief that the organization shall meet its objective by providing the services required by everyone, regardless of position and authority.

The TV show somehow became popular because of the fact that it is a reality-based program, aimed at gaining insights of the truth on how employees work, especially when their superiors do not see them. It is entertaining, perhaps because we know how we sometimes act at work. We can relate that most of us are not taking our jobs seriously. The show is an eye opener for all of us that although we maybe underpaid or not paid to show compassion at work, we must keep in mind that it should be man's nature to be compassionate to others and to his or her endeavors. We are human beings because we have the intellect and free will. However, we must use our intellect and free will to benefit not just ourselves, but with other people, as well.

3. Employee-employer relationship can be seen in a better light.

Managers tend to be strict and authoritative, while employees are left with no option and become abused at times. This has always been our complaints at work. It is common, but managers must not just focus on accomplishment of tasks, but more importantly leading people to share a common vision. To do this, managers must show empathy to his or her subordinates, for the employees to be empathic with the company also.

The TV show is extraordinary as it highlights not just empathy coming from the employer, but employers making the personal dreams of their employees come true. This does not happen very often. However, what is required to all of us, whether as an employer or a simple employee is to manifest compassion and concern to others, whoever that person may be. Protecting a good relationship will not just be good to the company but also with the entire humanity.


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