My Five Embarrassing Moments in Oslo Part 2

To be embarrassed is one of the awkward feelings one could have especially when you are new to a place. There are situations we do not expect or perhaps we have anticipated it, but we act as if everything will turn out well, even though there is high probability it will not. Being new in Oslo, I experienced few moments that I would rather shrink to shame or hide because I did not expect myself to be in that moment.

This is the second part, which contains the two most embarrassing moments I had in Oslo.

4. Buying the stationary bike

One of the goals in Norway is that I will lose a little bit of weight from previous weight of 78 kilos, when I left the Philippines. When I had the money, one of my plan was to buy a stationary bike. I got the idea after visiting a family friend outside Oslo. It felt good after the exercise, that I wanted my own in our flat. Few days after, I decided to search for a stationary bike in the internet, similar to what I had in the Philippines. Ofcourse, price was a primary factor, as well as location, since I do not have a car to transport it from one place to another. After few e-mail exhanges, there was a deal. In Easter, I will get the stationary bike just several bus stops from my place. It was Easter so I expected few people on the bus, so I could conveniently load the stationary bike in it. In addition, my friend (the same in the previous scenario. Read Part 1) will not work on that day. I asked her to help in transporting the stationary bike. I really thought it was necessary because there was 100-step-staircase between the nearest bus stop and my apartment.

Unfortunately, I woke up late. The agreed time was 10 AM, so I took  a shower and dressed immediately to get the bike, together with my friend, who will meet me near the house of the seller. I needed the help of my friend because I know we needed to lift the bike at times. Based on the picture in the net, the bike is of the same size as my stationary bike in the Philippines. Confidently, I went to the house and entered the flat of the seller. I immediately saw the stationary bike in the middle of the living room. It was huge and looks heavy. Ofcourse, it was built for Norwegians, not for Filipinos. Ohh no! So, I paid the seller and lifted the stationary bike from the second floor to first floor all by myself, since my friend was just outside. It was so heavy. Unfortunately, I missed my breakfast because I was in a hurry. Coming out of the building, I was sweating cold already.

Good that the stationary had small wheels. So we can push it with less difficulty to the nearest bus stop. While crossing the street, I saw a bus. I thought it was our bus, since it was bus 20. I lifted the bike again, with the help of my friend hurriedly towards the bus. Since I missed my breakfast and felt hypoglycemic, I forgot that our bus should be 21, not 20. I realized that we were going the wrong route after it turned a different way. Then, I just told my friend, who was already tired that we need to stop and go out the bus, walk for several hundred meters with the bike. It was embarrassing. People on the streets were looking on us. Worse, I am seeing dark spots, indicating I might pass out since I missed my breakfast. The Bus 21 came, we lifted the bike again and after two bus stops, we arrived at the bus stop nearest to my apartment. The problem was to lift the stationary bike up in a 100-step-staircase! We almost ran out of breath. Then carrying it again in two additional short staircases until we reached home. Quite tiring and embarrassing!

5. Inside the bus

My most embarrassing moment I had in Oslo so far happened inside a bus. For few days, I stayed at home and only made use of my time studying Norwegian. It has been my habit at times, that I skipped meals, when I get so serious about study. When I felt the urge to eat, I craved for something sweet, but there is none in the kitchen that will satisfy me. I decided to buy for blueberry muffins in the center of Oslo, about 12 minutes through bus from my house. Before going out, I smiled to happiness, seeing that my weight went down to less than 70 kilos for the first time. Ofcourse, I skipped my meals unintentionally because I was busy studying, and intentionally because I want to lose weight at a fast rate. I just ignored the fact that I was already hypoglycemic before I went out of my apartment.

I walked towards the nearest bus stop (not where the 100-step-staircase is) but near the park. While walking towards the bus stop, I sensed that the bus is coming. I was 200 meters away and perhaps the bus will be coming in less than 4 minutes. Stupid I can be, I ran as fast as I can towards the bus stop like I had just eaten my breakfast in a very cold winter afternoon. When I reached the bus stop, the bus is about to arrive in less than 1 minute. However, I was already feeling cold as I was sweating, seeing dark spots and attempting to vomit as I felt there was too much acid in my body then. I was feeling so dizzy. I was eagerly waiting for the bus to come. I thought the warm air inside the bus could help me.

I went inside the bus. I decided to stand since there are many people. I chose the junction between two parts of the bus, where it has revolving floor that turns and adjusts as the bus makes sharp turns in the street. But I really felt so dizzy. I held on the handle and felt sleepy. I saw a girl sitting infront of me, before I closed my eyes. Then, I passed out.

Luckily, I woke up after few seconds. I saw the girl infront of me already offering her sit to me. I just nodded and said thank you. And, I passed out again for the second time. It was getting serious. I lost consciousness for a longer period of time. I was not able to hear anything during that time. Fortunately, I woke up. Someone was punching me on my chest with his fist. An African man was very helpful and introduced some stimuli to me to keep me awake. Then, I heard more people talking. Someone told the other, I had an epileptic attack. Worried, I replied no. Haha! Then, someone asked me if I want them to call an ambulance. I said no. Few seconds after my reply, I passed out again for the third time.

At this moment, things became serious. The attention of the bus driver was called and the bus stopped, that made others to wait. The bus driver asked me why I passed out several times. I had hypoglycemia I said. Stupid that I am, I explained using an uncommon terminology. So, I explained further that I had low blood sugar. Curious, the bus driver asked me if I am diabetic. I simply negated it. Worse, the bus driver further asked me if I still had the money to buy food. I understand why the driver asked me about it, for I looked Asian and young. Perhaps, the driver thought I ran out of money, while I am in Oslo. I felt awkward that moment because I know the driver's perception mirrored others as well. I do not want them to think Filipinos are just burden in Oslo, although I understand they have good reasons to believe on it. So, I just said the truth that I missed my breakfast, because I was trying to lose weight. Embarrassing! The driver and the others, who heard it smiled and perhaps laughed, but at least I said the truth.

The driver asked me if I was feeling okay. Ofcourse, I was feeling responsible at that moment of so many things, of myself and of my race. So I had that adrenalin rush that kept my consciousness back. However, the driver decided not to let me go out of the bus yet. The driver asked all passengers if someone had some form of sugar I could have. Awkward! Now, the passengers will give me food! Shame on me! One woman gave me her Oreo cookies. She was having her snacks I believe and chose to give it to me. Worse, she gave her sit to me, next to the driver so that they could see me. I wanted to shrink and disappear at that time. After two bus stops, I stood up and thanked the bus driver. I assured her that I felt better and she also believed me for I appreared to be better. I assured her that I will be buying food for myself, aside from the Oreo cookies I got from the Norwegian woman. I walked out of the bus, wondering the extent of what I did. I no longer had the craving for the blueberry muffins. I realized I could have died if no one helped me. Lesson learned, although very embarrassing!


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