Vigelandsparken, Oslo Norway: Celebrating Human Spirit

The world's largest collection of sculptures in a park is attracting one million people every year. The art pieces, which were made from bronze, granite and iron features the appreciation of the human spirit of Norway's most renowned sculptor Gustav Vigeland.

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Visiting Vigelandsparken makes one realize things in life, inspired from the different sections of the park: the Main Gate, the Bridge, the Fountain, the Monolith and the Wheel of life.

The main gate is very simple but elegant. It features a long pathway towards the main section of the park. It gives the visitor the feeling that life requires a pathway and direction where one should follow through. That direction is the person's purpose in his or her life, that will guide all his or her actions, no matter what situations the person will be experiencing and whoever the person will be meeting.

The bridge is one of the most dramatic part of the park, which traverses a body of water. On every side of the bridge, one can see several sculptors about the struggles of the human spirit. It symbolizes the adversities every human being has and his or her ability to overcome the challenges human beings are facing. Each sculptor is unique, as every problem differs also from one person to another. The most important is for humans to remain strong and optimistic that the learnings acquired through his or her experiences shall make him or her a better person.

The fountain is a remarkable feature of the whole park. It showcases human carved figures carrying a vessel-containing water. Water symbolizes life and the human carving showcases teamwork. It gives anyone the impression that if humans work together for a common purpose, we could achieve more and could ensure life on Earth will be better for everyone to benefit from.

The 14-meter-monolith is surrounded by rising circular stairs is carved from a single granite stone, which features more than 100 figures. The vertical artwork reminds us that humans persevere for something greater and higher and that humans aspire for the salvation of the human race. This relates to hope that humans shall help each other for the good of everyone. Interestingly, there is a bird on top of the monolith, which symbolizes man's pursuit of peace and freedom.
Lastly, the Wheel of life acknowledges that life involves a cycle. Birth means death is certain. While an end means another beginning. This inspires everyone to continue in our endeavours in life. Our learnings through our experiences will be used by another to become better. Moreover, at times we may feel low, but life will present us opportunities to feel happy and better. The wheel also features balance, which relates to the equilibrium needed to maximize our human potentials.

My visit to Vigelandsparken was made only after seven months of stay in Oslo. It was worth the wait. More than sculptures, I enjoyed the company of my family and friends when I visited the park. It made me realize life will never be easy without them.


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