When Money Talks

The love of money is the root of evil. On the other had, we can not deny the fact the importance of money in our lives. We use it to buy what we need and want. Sometimes, we have more money than we need and perhaps most of the time, we ran out of it. We can not deny also that people react differently according to how much money we have. Thus, I can say money really talks.

I can say I have experienced the roller coaster of money. There was a time I can say my family and I were nearly struggling for food and basic needs. I also had the chance to taste a luxurious day ( I know it still not yet luxurious for the standards of some.) What amazes me is how people treat you based on their perception of your wealth. I had made couple of experiments in life with money.

People thought I had so much money, but in reality I do not have.

I was working 12 hours a day and traveling from one place to another. In the perspective of the others, I was earning big, but in truth I only had few hundred pesos in my pocket. I even budget my food to the point I only drink soya milk at lunch, just to save money. But who knows that? None, only the people closest to me. Given that majority of people think I was richer, so I got respected more than I think what I deserved. People were extra careful in their words and actions. Some people go and ask for favor, but ofcourse I declined. They think I was rude, but I was just honest.

Some think there was no need for me to be thrifty because I have money, but I do not. Even my parents thought I had so much money at times and asked for some. Luckily, my parents, immediate family and closest friends know me and they are not hurt by it.

People thought I had no money, but in reality I have.

Looks can be deceiving at times. People look down on you based on their judgment of the thickness of your wallet. They will not even believe you, regardless of what you say. However, I am not the type of person who shows off what I have, in terms of money. Sometimes, when you hang out with people, who others think are rich and powerful, they think you are just using them to get a favor because you do not look one. When I become aware of it, I just laugh for they have judged me wrong. I honestly ask myself how stupid can they be sometimes.

It seems that when money talks everyone seems to focus on having it. Moreover, people quarrel just because of money. Talks can be endless when the topic is money. Sometimes, discussions involve a lot of people that it causes relationships to break of disagreement related to money. Furthermore, some try to dominate people whom they think do not have money, and make stories about people when they become surprised why they have money.

For me, making money as the focus of life is too much. People should stop, for money is not everything in this world and associations with people should not depend on money. Lastly, money has value, but it is not what makes life valuable and the worth of our existence does not depend on it.


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