A " Thursday" Relationship

Thursday is considered by most as the fourth day of the week. When this day comes, a mixture of emotions are felt by everyone, who sees and anticipates the forthcoming weekend. In relationships, there is a period in which the individuals concerned experiences a variety of events before an anticipated "weekend" in a relationship.

When we say weekend, people perceive it differently, which influences how a person feels on Thursday, the fourth of the week. Here are the various ways in comparing Thursday with the its counterpart in describing one's state of relationship.

A state of ambivalence

When one feels that he or she is in the middle stage of a relationship, one feels confused on what to do. This stage can be considered as the plateau stage, when some conflicts have been resolved but it is possible that some problems still exists despite the effort to address it. This leaves one the feeling of uncertainty whether the best or worst is yet to come.

In the same way, a person feels anxious anticipating for the weekend. This depends on how a person sees what kind of weekend one will have. It is ofcourse expected that everyone wants a memorable and exciting one, but it is also possible that the opposite will happen.

A state of worry

Sometimes people are worried and concerned of signs, especially when these signs relate that something unexpected is going to happen. This results for one to fear on what is unknown or uncertain. This means risks maybe involved in the near future, which may compromise goals and potentially hinder happiness.

In a relationship, when "thursday" period begins, it makes one feel dreary, especially when there exists incompatibilities that would be difficult to resolve. Individuals may just ignore it and take these things easy, but this does not remove the fact that the problem could still affect the relationship in the future.

A state of excitement

Just like a young child feeling excited for the weekend, persons in a relationship could feel elation merely by the thought of their future. This happens when the individuals have developed open communication and strong bond through consistent and sufficient affection. As a result, problems seem to either be resolved easily or addressed adequately. In addition, this excitement becomes more evident when the persons involved engage themselves into worthwhile and varied activities, nurturing themselves and their relationship.

Whichever description best suits on one's state of relationship, the most important is that every day is lived according to what makes one happy. The day or state does not matter as long as the individuals remain contented and truly happy in the relationship. :-)


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