Better Without Status?

Relationship statuses have changed upon the onset of Facebook. Everyone seems obliged to share this information for others to "celebrate" this important period in one's life. However, not all people are happy with this change for this leaves groups of people thinking that having no status is better.

There two groups of people that belong to this. This is the focus of this article.

Those who opt to have no status, because they do not know how to categorize themselves.

Confusion arises when a person starts to mingle with another and get an interesting response from the other. They seem serious but not ready to make a label. Their emotions show that they have intimate connection, but some personal and external factors have hindered them from admitting to themselves and others their real understanding.

Is it better? It could be better at the start. This only shows that the individuals involved are taking time to know each other, especially during the initial stages. On the contrary, this could be exhausting as well, when people become impatient and expectations become high. This stage must be temporary and perhaps, it is safe to say, that no one wants to linger long in this very unstable and vulnerable stage.

Those who opts not to show their status, because they think people would not be interested to know that they are single still.

The second type is much unfortunate than complicated in nature. The problem exists not with the relationship itself. Instead, the problem lies on the inability to find another, suitable to one.  This is perhaps due to fear of commitments or preference to be such for a long time. Worse, when the person finds potential partners, but can not choose among them, thereby resulting to a long period of "singleness." :-)

Is it better? The answer depends on the person. If the person takes time to consider someone new in his or her life, let him or her be. What is not good is being pressured by others to have one, when in fact there is no reason yet to be in one. There is no urgency in commitment, instead there exists willingness and maturity to accept new responsibilities for oneself and the other.

Regardless of what type of relationship one has, the most important is that he or she feels happy about it. The status must be grounded on happiness and honesty, rather than being forced to conform with what the society dictates that one must have someone to be with. Status are only names and a form of recognition, but what matters most is how people maintain and nurture the relationships.:-)


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