3 Points about Quarter Life Crisis among Filipinos

Four years after finishing college or university, many young professionals are confronted with so many questions and challenges that are not easy to cope. Personally, I could remember how it was when I was approaching this age. I was praying and hoping for good things to happen. Luckily for me, I was able to manage this period, but still the reality is that it was not easy.

Here are some problems a typical 25-year-old Filipino have:

At 25 years old, everyone is expected to be self-sufficient. This means that everyone are expected to get a stable job and earn for himself or herself independently without help of anybody especially family members. This puts a lot of pressure to this group of people, resulting for them to try all possible means to meet this goal even though doing so compromises their life's goals.

This is quite different in Norway. 25-year-old individuals have just finished the university and are provided with adequate social benefits and incentives to start their lives. They have long been given the chance to work; so unlike Filipinos, job searching is seemingly not a problem. This certainly results for them not to feel the full effect of quarter life crisis on this particular aspect.
25th year seems to be accepted age to get married for most Filipinos. This becomes another stress point, aside from getting a stable job. It is difficult to find the balance between two demanding aspects, since building and maintaing a happy worthwhile relationship requires significant effort and time as well. 

To add with the difficulty, world's changing social patterns makes things more complicated. It is quite easy to meet a potential partner, but getting another's attention for a long-time within a relationship is a different question. The convenience in social media does not necessarily translate alleviation of the social pressure to find the right partner for any Filipino young professional.

Right decisions

The dilemma exists whether one is too young or too old to be mature enough to take responsibilities and decisions in life. The Filipino society is complex. The society somehow forces one to act a certain way, which is acceptable to most norms. For example, taking responsibility to fully or partially make a contribution of the family's expenses. In this situations, a good decision is a must, coupled with hardwork a significant amount clear mind and determination.

However, a 25-year-old individual still has fresh thoughts of his or her care-free youth. They would still want to savor the time being young; and take risks for themselves without thinking of the consequences, either to them and their families. Either looking forward to the challenging future or continuing to live in the happy youthful past, a typical Filipino 25-year old would have to do tasks, make right decisions on their career and their personal lives.

Quarter life crisis is like any other types of crisis. It can bring negative outcomes to the person if coping skills are insufficient. However, this period of vulnerability can provide an opportunity for growth. Learnings can guide one to make good decisions for the path to take in the years ahead. Indeed, this crisis defines who one can be in the future.


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