Closing a Chapter

At this moment, I am about to close a period in my life. Mixed emotions are two words the describes how I feel. It feels right and wrong at the same time, although I am determined to keep whatever decision I have made. However, to further describe what I feel, I am writing this article.

It is not easy.

It is not easy when one has to move on and close one chapter of life that has given one valuable memories and lessons to become better. It is not easy to just close one eyes and seemingly ignore the consequences involved in closing one aspect with life, given that there are people, who might be hurt by inevitable decisions to be made and there are feelings involved. It is not easy to know that moving on means turning back to people, memories and associated feelings. It is not easy.

It takes time.

It takes time to move on and deal with the result of decisions. Although it takes time, there is a possibility that it will be finished. There is certainty when the decision has been made within sufficient time, rather than made hastily. Although it takes time, it does not mean that the length of time provides a reason for one to go back and reverse the decision. It takes time, as well to heal the wounds made upon closure. Certainly, it takes time to be forgiven and to be understood. It takes time.

It is better.

It is better to make it subtle as if nothing has changed. Although it is better but the effect does not guarantee it to be better for all individuals involved. However, one thing is certain in the long run, things will be better. In fact the reason why people are moving on and closing a life chapter is to face new challenges and learn more in life for be better. Regardless of which way is better to deal with closures, whether formal or informal, the better way is the less stressful way. Whatever means used, one must think that all things are done because it is for the better.

To whoever this article is for, thank you for being part of that period I am closing right now. I appreciate all the things done for me and I am sorry for all things done that hurt you. I hope you understand. Related to this, I am saying goodbye.


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