The Agony of Waiting

Days turned to months while months turned to years. Someone is waiting for something to happen with the hope of the high possibility of reality inspite of the risk of uncertainty. This is the waiting game.

The agony of waiting is undescribable and no words can explain how deep scars are created when one experiences it. It results to a state that breathing seems to cause pain while tears flow naturally. The memories of the past blends with the dream of coming back as time passes by so fast leaving the person unchanged but tremendously hurt.

No one ever wants to linger in a state of waiting. It is a period of confusion when some people encourages one to be patient and persistent, while on the other side, the reality presents hypothetical what-ifs that needs to be answered. There exists a great demand for answers but only few are reasonable. Worse, questions are left unanswered yet more and more questions are generated every moment.

The long wait can be considered a crisis as previous defense mechanisms can no longer cope with the perceived stress and ambiguity. Some people even experience increasing unregulated anxiety. This fear of unknown relates to the outcome of the wait, as well as the feelings associated with it. Should the result be good, the wait provides fulfillment but on the other hand, should the wait be fruitless, the person loses trust not just with others, but with oneself.

Options seems to be limited but one fact is certain. That a person waiting is a person not truly happy. Instead of living on the present time, he or she continues to have the delusion of a good future as an consequence of the long wait. Nevertheless, selections maybe few but this always include the decision not wait longer. This means that it is always up to the person to continuously wait or move forward with one's life.

However, there is a complexity on deciding when to move on, rather than just wait. There is certainly a good reason for one to wait, but that reason must be examined objectively to see whether the reason outweighs the benefits of living one's life to its fullest. Hence, no matter how hurtful waiting is, one must be wise enough to stop oneself from being hurt and know one's limits. This limitation pertains to end the agony associated with waiting.:-)


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