3 Valuable Lessons My Sister Taught Me - First 3 Decades of Love and Happiness

Today (February 11) is my sister's 30th birthday. I would not allow this day to pass without making a tribute for her. For those, who have not personally known me, I have one sister, who is very keen on her beauty without being vain, very strong and courageous without being emotionally numb, and very smart without being boring and unsocial. That is my sister, Doloures.

In the first three decades of her life, she has shared many lessons that has influenced me so much. Of the many lessons, I will try to pinpoint the three most remarkable.

1. Worry not on the things you can not achieve. Focus on what you can do.

While I am busy trying to plan an ambitious future, my sister provides a reality check for me. She sets my perspectives grounded and helps me realize that although I am willing to do everything I can, I still have limitations myself such that I can not achieve everything. As her primary objective is to live simply with less stress and complications, she gives a good contrast to my aspirations in life, setting my directions right.

2. Be careful of what you wish and pray for. They might come true.

We consider ourselves yin and yang because whatever good she says and whatever bad I say come to reality, especially when we say it undeliberately. Given it is not well-thought, our words seems to be sent as a plea in randomness for God to decide. Many times she has proved to me that thoughts and aspirations can lead to reality. Unfortunately, our words do not apply to ourselves but only to others, unless both of us think the same way. If we do, then a miracle happens and the rest is history.

3. Love happens when you push yourself to your limitations, not expecting for any return.
Love is blind. This quote perfectly fits my sister. I have seen her in relationships that she does not deserve to be in. To the point of being martyr, she continues to endure all hardships even beyond human logical comprehension. She stays as long as she finds at least few good reasons to stay even though things are getting complicated. Until the point of exhaustion, she tries to stand and fight for relationships she has treasured. Luckily, after seeing everyone has given up including the most conservative and traditional family members, then she starts making a decision on her happiness and life. Better late than never. At least, she proves to everyone what love really means. That for one to  deserve unconditional love, one has to give. However, a great reminder to everyone, love also involves receiving but not expecting. At least, one must receive something with emotional value to continue loving unconditionally.

From these three important lessons, I can say my sister has helped me define what love and happiness is. Ironically, her name is Doloures coming from a Spanish term of sorrow. Perhaps, there is a reason for that because her presence reminds me to pursue what makes me happy and to love unconditionally (but wisely hihi..). 

In her 30th birthday, I pray that she will continue to be happy and have peace of mind. No matter what happens, I will always be there for here wherever our steps and God's guidance lead us. 
I love you te. 


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