Earning 3 Philippine Professional Licenses, Topping Twice in PRC Examinations

As of this writing I have earned my third Philippine Professional license as a Real Estate Broker. Although I initially did not plan to get multiple professional PRC (Professional Regulation Commission) licenses in the Philippines after I topped and passed the Nursing Licensure Examination last November 2008, I suddenly had a change of mind after I saw an opportunity in the field of real estate. I do not have any background or whatsoever in real estate or in commerce, so it was quite difficult for me to take an examination with almost no actual knowledge. So, in this article I will discuss how I managed to pass and even topped licensure examinations twice.

Knowing strengths and weakness is essential.

In a theoretical examination, one must identify how he or she learns well. Some people read books, while most simply do not have the capacity to do so. It is quite boring for some. In preparation for professional examinations in the Philippines, it is common to attend review classes, which is prepared by institutions for the aspiring professional. This is usual to cover up the person's learning weaknesses by creating a structured learning environment.

Personally, I know that my weakness is attaining focus as I think too much on many things at the same time. This diminishes my attention on the examination I am preparing. My key strength is my innate grit personality, determination and perhaps awareness on how I learn fast at certain situations. I can study for longer periods of time, without losing interest and endurance; but sometimes, I could lie down whole day sleeping after feeling exhausted from physical demands and emotional and mental stress.

Quality Preparation Helps.

In nursing, I reviewed all concepts in almost seven months after finishing Bachelors degree in nursing. I consider that was reasonable for me to study almost all nursing concepts that will be asked in the licensure exam. With good preparation, one can afford to commit mistakes and rectify them adequately to avoid committing the same in the actual examination. In my preparation for nursing licensure exam, I was able improve from my initial average performance to an exemplary sixth place finish among 88,000 examinees.

Link for November 2008 Nursing Licensure Exam Results below:


In both real estate examination in brokerage and appraisal, I simply did not have ample time to prepare. I decided late to take the examinations, giving me a very short period to study and be acquainted with the exam topics. In appraisal, I can say in terms of quality, the preparation in real estate appraisal was mediocre, but still it resulted for an eighth place finish in the actual examination. On the other hand, I had lesser preparation in my third licensure examination on brokerage. I was already working in Norway, studying Norwegian and preparing for examinations in Norwegian, when I decided to take the exam. Perhaps, the reason is a sort of personal alibi for me getting an average performance in the actual exam and inability to repeat the top finishes in the two previous examination. Nevertheless, even though the preparation was short, those were enough to aid me pass the exam, coupled with self-awareness on my strength and weaknesses.

Focus is a catalyst.

Focus means creating a physical and mental routine before taking the examination and few weeks before the examination. It also refers to putting one's undivided attention whenever one decides to study for the examination. In addition, interest and strong is an additional factor for an effective focus. When I took the nursing licensure examination, due to the length of time of preparation, I was able to attain adequate focus and even good instinctive abilities, which pushed me to excel. On the other hand, on my second PRC license, although I was joggling three jobs at the same time. The other jobs were not so mentally demanding as I was repeating certain routines, so it did not create a significant negative effect on my performance in the examination.

Link for July 2013 Real Estate Appraiser Exam Results below:

In contrast, on my third PRC examination, although the exam was considered less difficult than the real estate appraisal exam by the majority, I simply did not have sufficient focus. I was preparing three examinations at the same time, with the thought of uncertainties about my work and future in Norway as an overseas Filipino worker. To add, there were inevitable changes that occurred during the time in my personal and family lives. I realized the experience was tough, such that even my closest friends and significant others think it was indeed a challenge, approaching a crisis. To solidify the lack of focus, I traveled almost 40 hours from Norway to the examination place, fresh from successive day and night duties to the airport. Therefore, I was physically-exhausted, mentally-drained and even emotionally-confused. But I am still thankful, I managed to pass with relatively good marks in my third PRC examination.

Link for May 2015 Real Estate Broker Exam Results below:

Grit Personality and Determination are Key Factors.

In several blog posts, I have repeated the importance of grit personality as key factors. One must have a long-term goal and seemingly unending determination to achieve such goals. These are necessary to pass and even top examinations. This is what remains when the body and mind fail to contribute positively as they are preoccupied and challenged by several factors pushing them to their limitations. I simply describe this feeling as state of never-say-die attitude or even a killer's instinct during examination, thinking any examination is a form of competition where everyone must outwit and outshine the other to survive.

Moreover, grit personality also includes the passion one puts in the preparation for the examination. It is therefore important to find other reasons why one must exert effort to excel in the endeavor. In my nursing licensure exam, I was dedicating the exam to my family as means to make those who looked down on us before realize how wrong it is to treat people indifferently, just because of their socio-economic status. In the appraisal exam, I took the exam as a celebration and symbol of all the blessings my family and I received especially few months before the actual date of examination. I also wanted to prove to myself that I still have the mathematical capability, which is essential  in the actual test. Unfortunately, my reasons for the third exam were weakly and insufficiently grounded. I wanted to top the exam primarily for my sister after all the challenges she was facing at that time. However, I became too emotional and literally had no time to convince myself in a way I did it before. The reason came just one week before the exam, just before I need to travel back to the Philippines and recuperate from physical exhaustion brought about by the long travel and demands of work.

Faith and optimism are motivating factors.

It is all in the mind. I always keep that in my mind. Faith towards the Supreme being and equally important towards oneself are forms of motivation during times of laziness and inadequacies. This is also a form of mind-conditioning that influences the way one thinks and perceives difficulties in the examination preparation. This holds one the required positivism to cope with the stress and strain. Let us put faith as a shield in times of war, or an anesthesia during surgery. This is crucial but this is not achieved automatically, rather it is gained and developed in time. The journey towards the actual exam is characterized by several ups and downs. One must develop an mental system to adapt with changes and react accordingly.

I can say before working in Norway, my faith seems to strengthen day-by-day. This has contributed for me to be emotionally resilient, resulting for me to excel in the first two licensure examinations. On the other hand, my third PRC examination was taken during the time when I am spiritually distressed and confused. In fact, aside from taking the real estate brokerage exam, one reason why I traveled back to the Philippines is to keep myself grounded again and find the roots where I came from, to draw strength and support from my family, who nurtured and influenced me, the way I am today.

Lastly, many people ask me on the need of having three Philippine professional licenses, in the light of my current plans in Norway and the improved financial status of my family. Well, the opportunity came. I took it and God made a way to realize the said opportunity. On how I will be utilizing such multiple opportunities in the future, that remains to unanswered.  Another question would be is the third professional license exam my last PRC exam. I leave that to the Lord. I only develop plans, it is up to Him to permit me or not. So far, I have three, who knows there is another fourth and so on.


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