Exploitation: The Vulnerables

Who are at risk for exploitation - a deliberate act of ignoring human rights? We are all at risk, now I realize. Before, I kept in my mind that only those people who lack access to adequate and relevant information are those most at risk. Now, my thought about this has dramatically changed. On what way it has changed, this is the focus of this article.

Firstly, exploitation happens because there are some people who have insecurities in themselves; such that they would need others to satisfy their needs. These people maybe in denial of the fact that they are entirely dependent to others, contrary to what they portray to the society. Regardless of what kind of background they have, one thing is certain - exploitation happens because of mankind's selfish nature.

Secondly, a person has a risk of being used and abused by others because they do not believe the certainty of facts. These people always question whether things are as they are. As a result, the skepticism grows to a point that the vagueness becomes fixed in their mind. This results for them to find ways to address this vagueness. At this point, opportunistic people with intention of exploitation seemingly comes to aid the confused future victim.

Say for an example, to find a job. People start doubting their chances of being selected from a large pool of applicants. They cease to believe that processes take place. This is probably due to their experience and observation of their immediate surroundings. Afterwards, these individuals seek a relief from the competition and would somehow ask help from people whom they do not know well. Contrary to reality, these so-called instant problem-solvers are abusers themselves. Thus, many fall in fraudulent and deceitful job applications, making people vulnerable for abuse.

In the case of domestic violence, partners live in an abusive relationship simply because the abused ceased to believe on his or her capacity to live independently from the abuser. For whatever reason, the abused has kept in themselves that they need the person abusing them, such that the abuser gains unnecessary authority that they can use for manipulation and abuse.

Lastly, the concept of exploitation is strongly  associated with apathy in the society. Instead of lending our hands to anyone who needs help, we rather turn our backs; even though in one way or another we can contribute directly or indirectly to a problem. As the society becomes numb and emotionless, more people are at risk for exploitation.

Exploitation is not just a controversial legal issue. It is potential source of other social prpblems such that abuse itself pushes people to be abusers thereafter and be further exploited. The challenge is to help others with sincerity and freely to prevent the worsening incidence of abuse in the world.


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