The Wisdom of Mother's Day

Mother's Day is celebrated in most countries in different dates. The tradition also varies from one culture to another, but the celebration is equally important with other special events we mark every year. In the Philippines, every second sunday of May, we celebrate Mother's Day. We Filipinos have a simple way of remembering this day. Personally, I have made a blogpost as a tribute to all mothers today.

Despite of the cultural variations, there exist similarities on the way we see and deal with Mother's Day. In this post, I will try to emphasize the importance of Mother's Day to anyone.

1. It shows the importance of women in the light of a paternalistic world.

In this modern time when women are treated almost the same way as men, our mothers are symbols and great reminders of gender equality. Before we became respectable men, we were children of our mothers. During our childhood, our mothers took care of us, with the sole purpose of raising us to be good citizens and individuals. They did not think we were small and deserve only less. In fact, they sacrificed a lot for our benefits. Today we give back all their sacrifices by acknowledging all their efforts and attention, by showing our affection and becoming the person they want us to be.

2. It reminds us of the person who was primarily responsible for bearing and rearing us.

Our fathers share the duty to rear us, but the mother takes the sole responsibility of bearing us before we were able to see the glimpse of this world. Our mothers are used as instruments by the Supreme Being to nurture us for nine months inside their womb; sharing nourishment with them and sometimes compromising their health condition for us to survive. Everyone of us must imagine the pain and discomfort our mothers have to endure just for us to live and survive in this world.

3. It gives a strong message of care and warmth, which is associated with our mothers.

In the world of apathy and disrespect of one's worth, Mother's day provides a strong contrast of warmth and belongingness. Everyone of us has a mother. This is opposite to the false claim that everyone has a real friend to be with. Some people even claim to have no real friends, but no one could claim of having no mother. Everyone of us has a mother, a guardian or whichever is applicable. Mothers vary in the way they show affection but certainly, they all want the best for us.

Lastly, though Mother's day is only celebrated once a year, this does not give us the reason to show our care, love and understanding to our mothers only this day. They deserve our attention everyday no matter what they do and how they deal with us. Most importantly, we can never get rid of mothers. They are found everywhere we go, regardless of periods in our lifetime. Happy Mother's Day to all mothers.


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