2015: Appreciating Norwegian Goodwill and Tough Realizations

My 2015 story began with uncertanties, confusion and humility in acceptance. During the span of twelve months, I experienced a roller coaster of challenges, new experiences that led me to appreciate what I have and everything the surrounds me. I began starting to learn more about the Norwegian society, which I was very hesitant to do in January. Furthermore, 2015 will be ending with me a thankful heart for Norway and its generosity.

I lost my job but I found a new one.

For the first time, I was standing in a seesaw of uncertainty after losing my full-time job. I started working part-time in several nursing homes and decided to try my luck on one nursing home, which could possibly give me a guaranteed work contract. I did not stop searching for work although many times, I got discouraged after receiving dozens of rejections in job applications. Luckily, just five weeks before I am supposed to leave Norway, I got two job interviews. It came unexpectedly. I was not the best job applicant, even the youngest but I am thankful for my employers for selecting me among hundreds of qualified applicants. Honestly, I lost confidence on the Norwegian job market but my experience proved me wrong. I am forever thankful to Norway's culture of providing equal opportunities.

I got to know hard truths but gave me realizations on life.

Middle of the year, there were revelations that almost broke me. It hurt me so much I can not deny it. I felt angry and sad at the same time. I was feeling that I was losing control of the situations pertaining to who and what matters to me. I was about to give up and started uncomfortable and anxious every night. However, the time I forced myself to come down, I began to see alternative measures in addressing the problem. So far, it is going as it should be - in the right track. The situation will permanently leave a mark in me and moving on seems justified after all options are exhausted. However, I am thankful to everyone in Norway, who helped and sympathized genuinely in the way.

I realized people could be evil but in general, there are more generous individuals.

2015 was a year of bathing in hot water of painful realizations. I woke up one day developing disgust towards cold-blooded manipulative psychological weaklings in the society, who are just waiting to devour vulnerable preys. Due to this, my values changed from focusing on optimism and personal freedom to seeking what is just and right for everyone. Because of this, I vow to have a no tolerance approach to this social amoeba-like human beings and in anyway, should there be a way squash them until their extinction, I would support that way. However, to those kind and generous I will forever be thankful, especially to those in Norway who aided us both personally and professionally, without asking any in return.

I waited for so long but I took a journey well-traveled.

Throughout the year, it was like an unending process of waiting. Waiting for the right time and action. Waiting for responses and for something to happen to counteract delays. This has been one of the most difficult for someone impatient like me. I want things fast and efficient generally. However, what can I do in a situation or plea that I do not have or have little control. I could only wait and maximize the time while waiting for other important things. However, luckily most of the things I waited came to an successful and reasonable end. To this, I am thankful still for the Norwegians, who are part of the process. I know they could do it faster and more efficient, but at least they helped me to be patient, wise and hopeful.

I hesitated but I realized God has indeed plans for us.

Honestly, I felt losing my culture and identity in Norway. It was difficult trying to fit oneself in a conservative and exclusive society. I felt unwanted and not needed, such that I felt floating everyday not knowing which direction I am heading for. As a result, I hesitated to integrate voluntarily in the Norwegian society in spite of my effort to meet new friends and establish social networks. It felt like I had the will to take a step to be culturally-integrated but I was not willing to accept the fact of my future in Norway. In my mind, a future in Norway was almost an unachievable dream but to my surprise, God used Norway to make aware of His plans for me in Norway.

Lastly, I am happy that 2015 is ending. I am feeling emotional for a year that provided me a lot of learnings about life, family, career and justice. Generally, it was a tough stressful year but in 2016, I vow to be stronger and wiser. I will fight for whatever is true and right, for my family and for the principles I stand for. I will never be afraid for I have been in and survived the battle in 2015, even I know I have not really started to fight yet. That is a promise in 2016.

To the kind Norwegian people, thank you for somehow allocating a little space for us to stay in your beloved country. It may take for me to regain or redefine my lost cultural identity, but I vow to contribute for Norway to safer as we all take significant efforts to get rid of the evil and predators in Norwegian soil.

Happy New Year everyone. God bless us all.


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