No one deserves to be alone

Today is Valentine's Day, a special day for couples to celebrate their relationship and love for each other. It is supposed to be a joyous commemoration that everyone in the world should observe. However, not everyone in reality are in relationships and worse, some even perceive this special day as usual as the other days in the calendar. This is for the reason that more and more individuals feel lonely in their lives, such that the feeling seems like there is no one who cares for them even their family and considered close friends.

Yes, the world has over seven billion population and technology has made it easier for people to communicate in a way. However, even though there are significant advances in communication technology, this has even made it difficult to find individuals, who really cares. Individuals nowadays would prefer indirect non-face-to-face conversations, which makes relationships difficult to build and maintain. In the olden times, it takes effort to communicate but nevertheless, every attempt becomes meaningful.

Moreover, even people makes attempt nowadays to communicate that itself is not enough even to spark the beginning of a potential genuine relationships. There has been perhaps a hidden consensus that similarities among individuals must be stronger than the contrasting personality and cultural differences. Because of this so-called expectations, reaching people has become very demanding, such that one must have to fit to the standard of another before any real conversation would even prosper.

As a result of these present pressing challenges, people choose not to engage in social relationships, since it may either perceived as worthless and exhausting in a way. Many have given up. Many choose to be in a relationship, even deep inside they still feel alone and empty as individuals. This is perhaps one of the greatest problems the world has ever faced - loneliness. It is a problem since it affects how people think, feel and behave in a way. Hence, loneliness is not just a personal issue, it is also social issue revolving around apathy and lack of care in the human society.

However, the root cause of loneliness is complex and somehow incomprehensible to address. It actually takes one to actively show concern to one another. Actions do not necessarily be gradious or momentous, but even through small acts of care, people feel they are no longer lonely. It is crucial to remain ourselves that we, human beings have a moral and ethical obligation to others. We are not supposed to live alone. We live in this world to contribute to make it a better one. We can only do this by cooperating with one another and actively making others feel loved and wanted. This is because no one deserves to be alone.


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