Quantity over Quality

Yes, you read it right. The title states quantity over quality, not quality over quantity. This is because this something I believe in, that it is better to achieve more with passable quality, than get few with utmost quality. By saying passable, it is acceptable not deemed to be bad or distasteful in quality. This is to say that people do not get most of the time, both quality and quantity, so I made a personal principle in my life that quantity takes over quality. In this blogpost, I will discuss why this should be a matter of rule for others as well.

Quantity reflects efficiency.

In this world, productivity is the name of the game. The person who delivers most in the shortest possible time, using the least possible resources is the most valuable in a group. This is because people are generally after the sensible and reasonable use of scarce resources available. This is quite advantageous in a organization or a profit-oriented company, such as efficiency reflects the utilitarian perspective of providing the most number of people the most possible benefits. 

Personally, efficiency is what is most important in doing my tasks in my work. This has always been this way even I have changed several job types or workplace. I do the most number of tasks, learning to do everything I could and performing them in the fastest possible and logical method. This has served a great advantage for me, as well as reason to be valued upon by my superiors. This is because efficiency directly relates with versatility and professionalism. Thus, for me, it is better to be a jack of all trades rather than taking long time being an expert of one.

Quantity boosts and aids in a competing environment.

Who has the most will gain the most. This is a principle in a capitalist world. This is the primary factor why many have chosen to train and educate themselves in various fields, rather than concentrating on one. It is not unusual to see entrepreneurs, who are also licensed professionals as well, working a monotonous day job. By expanding their horizon and balancing several fields at the same, are they more equipped in dealing with the stiff competition awaiting them, especially in the labor market.

I myself am a licensed health care practitioner. I worked as a nurse in several fields from the hospital to the academe. Given I am restarting my career in Norway, I am working to get a full nursing license, but while waiting I am pursuing several educational upgrades as an assistant nurse. Few years ago, I also made great leaps in real estate, as I got two Philippine licenses. Honestly, I plan to get a license as a teacher in the Philippines, although I have a quite extensive teaching experience in the university and private institutions. I have immersed myself also on topics on business and medicine. I am not a master of any of these fields, but for certain this unique blend of education and experience will be crucial to go through the steep battle of labor market competition.

Quantity through time improves quality.

By doing things repetitively in great frequency, the quality of work gradually improves. The time used and frequency is directly related to quality. The mistakes are more likely avoided with repetition. Protocols and routines become easy with more and more exercise. This will not just improve efficiency, but also the quality of work in time. This is also to say that one must be patient of the process of improvement. It does not come overnight, as this requires great quantity, before quality is safeguarded.

My greatest example for this is my experience as a lecturer in a nursing school. I admit there were topics,  which seems to be difficult and challenging, given my age and experience. There were times it was hard to discuss, and I ran out of time to read and comprehend the topic in details. However, I can say I survived all those lecture discussions well both prepared and unprepared ones. I just pushed myself to conduct those tasks even without mastering it. With repeated attempts, I was actually getting better on it, and gained significant credibility through time. The quality of work was no longer comparable to novice trying everything, instead that of a competent learned individual.

My opinion may be different from some of you might have. My perspective may be influenced by my personal experience, my Filipino-Asian upbringing and current status as a foreign worker in Norway. I admit there might be logical misjudgment in the writing process. However, what this blogpost aims is not change what you think and what needs to be prioritize, but to provide an alternative perspective of seeing things. In the long run, what matters most is what works good for us, which usually relates to what we think, believe and decide on.


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