Autumn: The Season is Changing

It is getting colder in Oslo, Norway. Yesterday, it was about 11 degrees Celsius at two in the afternoon. I was wearing a thin jacket, which I used in some days during the summer, especially when it rained. It was sufficient to keep me warm as the wind blows more strongly than it had been in the past weeks. Leaves are falling from tree branches, and they start changing colors from green to yellow, red or brown. These are all signs of the beginning of autumn.

Personally, this is just my fourth autumn experience in my entire 28 years of existence. The first one was last 2013, when I came in Norway as an attempt to be more mature in my perspectives and to search for better opportunities. I was not accustomed with the weather. It was quite new, and even until now I do not know what to expect in fall. In my head, I associate with beginnings, uncertainties, challenges and attempts. This has perhaps characterized what I have gone through in my first three autumn seasons. This year is perhaps different. I am more relaxed, but still hoping it would be better for there are still things I want to happen, but out of my control. Perhaps, it is like waiting for snow to fall in autumn, such that I know it is possible but controlling the weather is just impossible, although it is possible that snow fall is likely even as early September in Norway.

Melodramatic season.

I acknowledge autumn is a reminder that I left my family for better opportunities in Norway. My parents and grandparents are not getting younger, but I chose to leave them. I feel sad ofcourse in a way, but I take the situation positively to ease the longing. I also remember before that also in these months just over four years ago, I was to busy for teaching job in different institutions in my home country, the Philippines. September marks the approaching final exams, when teachers are much determined to cover all topics to meet the objectives of the class or subject. I vividly remember everything, including my teaching routine, methods and preparation. Just like changing seasons, those were just part of a good memory. I do not know if that will happen again in the near future, but that is something I would love to do.

Bedtime weather.

Sleep and relaxation are important for me. Autumn is good and conducive for these activities. Rain occurs often, while cloud covers the sky turning it from blue to white. It is not the perfect time to engage in outdoor activities, although not totally impossible. Indeed, staying inside is much preferrable and suitable for home buddies like me. Furthermore, I connect autumn with increased opportunity for me-time, for solitary reflections and cozy periods with significant others. It is quite nostalgic to think that summer is over, but this does not hinder anyone from enjoying autumn activities, either indoor or outdoor. It is just a matter of availability, not the season.

Lastly, one could not stop seasons from changing. It is cyclical, but not exactly predictable. Yes, autumn follows summer, and precedes winter, but the length of each season is not likea and equal. There is not shortcuts in seasons. One must experience them in a specific, exact chronological order. Like life, we change and grow older. However, life itself does not guarantee happiness, wisdom and maturity. It depends on the person acting on various life circumstances. Seasons thus change continuously, but it all depends on an individual whether to adapt pr resist the ever-pressing internal changes that challenges and happens. Yes, it is getting colder outside during autumn, but that does not mean one should become colder in feelings and empathy to others, what matters most is the warmth that the heart gives.


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