The Threat of Being Unemployed: Done

It was quite unfortunate that just few weeks ago when all of us in the nursing home I worked for got a bad news that my ward will be closed by the Oslo municipality.  The main reason was based on statistics of the slight decline of those who are over 80 years old,  which they attribute to the Second World War. That was a brilliant alibi of the city government and its agencies to cover up political intentions, which in philosophy is a valid socialist measure. However, the news threatened us to be unemployed for a time, given that the process of determining who are to lose their jobs have been started just few weeks ago.

Personally, I was very worried, but I handled the situation well. I know that everything depends on a stable job, which includes my papers in Norway. I was uncertain if I would be "saved", given that I have just started less than a year ago. In short, I am one of the few with the shortest work experience in the nursing home. The only thing that could save me is to be honest about my situation and my ability to explain the seriousness of my social situation should I lose my job. I had lost my job before, and I know how tough the competition in the labor market in the Norwegian capital. Just for my position, I knew there were over 300 applicants and was luckily chosen among the five who got the job. It took me also over nine months to even find an institution who answers job applications. I knew then how hard everything would be, but I know I could endure whatever it is. I have been through a tough competition before so I believe myself more than now.

Just before we got the news, I was planning for short vacations in Europe based on the work schedule I got, so either losing a job or starting in a new workplace would make a conflict later with my planned vacations. The process was long enough to make us feel very anxious. I started my training for two months to get Norwegian nursing license, so the news was quite a mental burden for me. We were getting very little information for that period. The only thing we knew is that those who will be selected will continue to work on the remaining wards in the nursing home. In short, if I would be selected I will just transfer to another ward. Ofcourse, I know there were limited positions, so among those who are currently working, there exists a stiff competition among everyone, experienced, less experienced, those with license and those without.

Moreover, I had little trust on the Norwegian system, especially for us skilled workers, who has just recently come in Norway. I lost my job before without getting any benefits, because I was not aware of my rights before. I felt I was quite exploited and ended up helpless. I came a eventual solution to my work situation, just by myself. I did everything on my own. I researched what I need, got acquainted with rules and laws, and took risks and decisions with minimal consultation with anyone. I was proud of myself, but was very cautious with the system I am into. However, for several weeks I have to convinced myself that the system will work for me, protecting my rights as a tenured skilled employee. This I did to remain optimistic about my choices, which in my honest evaluation are very limited.

At last, I retained my job. This has boosted my self-confidence and my faith, especially on the Norwegian system and the union I belong to. It was a relieving experience. Now, I can sleep better and continue planning for my future vacations. I see my future in Norway more clearer. There is no certainty, but I know I can withstand whatever challenges that crosses my way. I realized my experience in Norway in the last three years has been very complicated, challenging, mentally-demanding and emotionally-draining. However, I can say that period is done. For my part, calling Norway as my second home is nearing and more evident.


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