2016: The Year That Was

Twelve months have passed. Now, we are about to celebrate the new year. Many of us are quite nostalgic of the 2016. There were certainly changes, challenges, surprises and beginnings. From these various experiences, we learn and hopefully become a better person thereafter. Personally, 2016 was unique year. Generally, it was better than the previous years. However, there were still events that shook me and gave me a sort of struggle. But as they say, that is how things are. This blogpost will somehow sum up the experiences that left most mark in the last year.

Travel year

So far, I have visited 13 countries and lived in 2 countries (Norway and the Philippines). I began the year with a trip to Stockholm, Sweden. After Easter, I went to Germany (Berlin and Dresden). After I went back to the Philippines, I had a short trip to South Korea. Moreover, I visited Czech Republic, Hungary, Austria, Slovakia, Poland and Belgium the rest of the year. It was indeed a busy travel year. I traveled light and reasonable in those places. My travel experiences provided me a new cultural perspective and learning.

New work environment

I got to experience to work in home care for two months. It gave me a work alternative in the future. I also learned from my colleagues and patients as well. I was transferred to a new ward, which provided me the opportunity to work with new colleagues. I was sad ofcourse for my old colleagues, whom I used to work with for over a year. They were good colleagues and cooperative. Currently, I am still adjusting in the new ward, but everyday things are getting better. It will take time but it will be better.

Stable personal life

Aside from one threat of losing my job after government decided to close down my ward, my career went well in 2016. I was transferred to another ward. I almost finished all the requirements to get nursing license in Norway.  Social support is quite stable as well. Psychologically, the things that bothers me are those of others, and that is a good sign in a way. I hope my personal life will continue to be stable in 2017.

Challenges of and from my significant others

2016 was not smooth sailing in terms of family affairs. There were challenges that hindered us to do important things. Some of my closest family members also encountered bumps in their career, and I really hope those bumps will no longer exist in the coming year. I am hoping for long-tern solutions in 2017. It will come I know. It is just a matter of when.

Transparency and new learnings

This year I was more open to my family about things concerning myself. It was an enriching experience that I am able to do so. Doing so strengthens my social support in a way. Moreover, I am continuously improving my Norwegian skills and working hard to get a full European nursing license. I will get it. I claim that with optimism. In addition, I am learning Spanish and French everyday. These I vow to continue next year as well.

The celebration of the new year is mostly associated with time. However, what matters most are the timeless learnings our experiences gave to us. It is with happiness, optimism and courage that we will meet 2017. I wish everyone a better and more productive 2017. Happy New Year!


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