Balance Between Hope and Reality

There are certainly things that we anticipate to come into reality. Expectations are quite high in  modern times. People want more, and dream more. There seems no limits to what we want but of course, we are limited to what we can do in reality. Aspirations are endless. Our needs are insatiable. However, reality presents differently from what we desired. Thus, there is a gap between our aspirations and the reality.

Our hopes

Hopes denote objectives, intentions and dreams. We all have purpose in life. What determines this purpose is how we are influenced in our lives by the people who matters to us. Our experiences aid in shaping what we think is best for us and for our significant others. Those thoughts of what is best serve as our objectives in life. They become part of our hopes, which influence our intentions, which are primarily expressed through our words and actions towards others in the social space. Some maybe perceived to be excessively ambitious, because they are self-driven by their hopes to push themselves regardless of the circumstances to attempt fulfilling what they think is beneficial and useful for them.

The hard reality

There has never been an easy road towards success. One has to make sacrifices, comprises and  even endure struggles, just to keep up with the challenges presented by the society. Our hopes are ofcourse not enough to keep us going. These hopes and aspirations must be backed by crucial factors in reality thay facilitate them to be realized. The objectives may be specific and realistic, but there are things hindering them, which is out of the control of a person. This humps may delay or make things impossible for realizing hopes and dreams. In turn, one is left with no option to revise his or her hopes, or worse aspire for another one, less than what was originally desired.

We, as human beings, are capable of making inferences and projections due to our rational nature. We have the consciousness of what we could do and what we can really achieve. Some maybe clouded by some thoughts that can either do more or less, making them believe that their hopes and dreams are either too low or high. However, it is reality that serves as the litmus test for our aspirations. If in reality, things are too easy to achieve, then it means one must dream bolder, and when things get more challenging and even impossible, then one has to refrain aspiring for more, for a time, until the odds in reality gets better.


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