Time: How We Use It?

Time is gold. When it pasts, it can never be reversed back. When something has already occurred, it can never be undone. That is how life works. We are all dependent with time. For time is not just a resource, but also an opportunity for us take risks, chances and realize our aspirations. So it is therefore important for us to utilize our time optimally because we never know what challenges lies in the future. This is the core theme of this blogpost.

We use time for something.

One third of our time is used for rest and sleep. Approximately another third is consumed while we are at work or doing something related to it. The remaining third is what makes our lives richer and meaningful. The last third defines who we are and what we like. It is natural that we do not find time for things that we either do not like or that has no meaning for us. Our hobbies, social and recreational activities add spice to our lives. Without these activities our lives become monotonous. However, everything we do each time requires something also, like attention, focus and presence. Doing something is not just a mechanical activity involving motion, but a sum of what we do, think and what we are conscious for.

We use time for someone.

The people in our lives are divided into two: those we did not choose and those we opt to be with. Our family and relatives are something permanent. What varies is how much time one allots to be with them. No life rule supports that time wirh family should be longer than any other. The second type is where those who matters to us belong. Because we could not be with everyone at all times. We select who would take our time at a particular instance. Therefore, if we want certain people in our lives, make extra effort to be with them. They too have limited time. If one does not take the chance and initiative, someone else gets the valuable time with another one supposedly should have.

We use time for thinking.

The third is something we neglect. We human being use time to think of what we should do next and those who are significant in our lives. Thinking before acting is ofcourse very natural because most actions do not involve instinct, instead, it is a result of logic and reasoning. This is the reason why there are reasons why we do something. In fact, we have already the idea why do things before we actually do them. Moreover, we think of people who we choose to be with. When we cease of thinking about certain people, then they are considered insignificant to one. Thinking of another becomes the root for care and being thoughtful about the needs and wants of another, not just what we personally could do and have.

It may seem very easy. However, time management is difficult because it is a scarce resource. We opt to prioritize something or someone than others. On that way, we manifest our needs, wants and dreams. It is therefore, safe to say that how we use our time is who we are, what matters to us and what is not important.


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