Small Acts That Irritate Me The Most

Have you ever experienced being annoyed by acts of others that you really hope they never have done? Well, I realized these infuriating acts reflect how we as individuals have been brought up. This somehow reflects we as human beings, unique from others, and in this blogpost I am going to enumerate some of them.

Leaving your used cup or glass after work

Who are you to behave like that? Your cup is from your mouth, and you expect people to get your cup and clean it for you after work. Your cup is for me part of another's intimate zone, so keep it to yourself, not the entire workplace. How would people think of themselves? Next time, I would put my used tissue paper in that cup even you are still drinking. 🤣

Talking too much, but loses interest quickly

Unfortunately, this is very common. For me, it is better to talk about your enthusiasm most to yourself, then act. Do something before talking about it. Some people talk as if they were finished doing things, even they even have not started. Worse, some of them even do not know how to either start or finish. What is most bothersome is that these individuals are easy to detect. 😩

Talking on the phone long in a crowded place

Worse is when everyone in a crowded place, for example bus or metro knows already who you are, what kind of people or friends you talk to. Well, it is okay to talk perhaps when it is really necessary, but the public space is not an extension of your living room where you can just burst out everything about your personal life. I am both provoked and pity these people at the same time. 😩

Looking at me repetitively from head to foot

Well, what are you doing? Even physical assessments are not done in that way. No one gives you the right to assess how I look or how I should dress. My clothing is personal choice, and does not necessarily reflect what I think or what I can. I am more than my appearance, and I expect to be the same. Open your mouth, and let us see if there is something common between the two of us instead. Do not just stare. You are not my boss or judge. If you are, then just stare then I will do the same to you. 🤣

Shouting to get everyone's attention

This is really very irritating to be honest. This is actually part of my work that is irritating, especially when adults intentionally act like toddlers to gain attention. I have some patients acting like this, and most of the time, I control my agitation. Sometimes, it is quite obvious that some people use this as a form of manipulation. This is most annoying especially when it is done intentionally. I am just thinking if they will be treated the same how would they react. 

I realize I have quite few things on this list. It is better I think to recognize them so I would somehow minimize being irritated. People would do this small acts unintentionally because it has become their habit, and I would naturally become furious about it. It is better to stay calm, and just understand people do things we don't like, and vice versa. 😊


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