Could you be a friend? (Poem)


Who is your genuine friend? A friend everlasting.
Confidant whose trust and company longlasting
Who you are acquainted with since you're young?
Not bothersome even at your slips of the tongue

Or a person who holds your deep secrets now?
A newbie but faithfully with you honoring a vow
Or who when you are together initiates a spark?
Fun, compelling - others pass not such benchmark.

Or who saved you previously, but currently gone?
From being present to swiftly quiet and withdrawn
Or who is there, available but we opt not to talk?
Positive yet communication reaching deadlock.

Or who's different, deviant but still cares for us
Contrasting behaviours, but open. That is a plus.
Or who is like you? But chooses you not first
Annoying, such a heartache that feels to burst

Or who is there constantly when you need them
Not buts and ifs, present and near. That is a gem.
Or who you select to be with you though sadly absent
Treating you inferior and unworthy like a fragment

Or who you can call and meet up in a moment
Stand with you instantly against an opponent
Or who can be distant yet understands you well
Closely-knitted, tough to bid each other farewell

Is a friend indeed more indispensable than family?
Or is it our family who knows us better naturally?
Who we can trust like our own but not in blood
Protecting even wallowing with you in dirty mud.

But they don't know you well, thus could disappear
Instead of protecting you, harming you in severe
Or could break your trust, ceasing to be a friend
Sadly, there is no more future together to spend.


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