Listen, Talk or Walk (Poem)

Let us talk. Listening to you, I have now time.
Here is a fine possibility of shifts of paradigm
Creating a safe space to make time well-spent
Yet requiring confidence in both to be present

Put aside preconceived judgments or prejudice
Or else, this triggers each other's nemesis
Because bias would just hinder us to converse
Our differences emphasized, things get worse

There will be no exchange of ideas therefore
No eagerness nor feelings of love or ardour
However, do we have to mend issue on trust?
Manipulation, power games are simply unjust

It's crucial, both must feel comfortable and safe
Express empathy to hinder ending up in chafe
Yet, there will never be optimal level of rapport
Be honest, not discriminate to achieve candour

At least please have no bad intentions at me before
'Cause that could be a reason for me to ignore
For a bad person can strike again by chance
Mutual benefits therefore never would advance

Unconsciously they'd might hide grudge at you
Best to avoid them, at all cost not to continue
So I would choose to cut all opportunity to talk
Keep distance away from each other, just walk

Otherwise, relax and let us explore the world
Traversing from place to other like sails furled
Distinct cultures and history we can transcend
By our conservations with no limit and no end

As we converse, upon us the world is shrinking
I will just listen, accept whatever you're thinking
Earth to heaven,unique topics in any dominions
Feel free to express to me your ideas, opinions

Yet are you expecting some actions thereafter?
Deeper friendship, meet up or merely laughter
There would be no guarantee there, I believe.
Here we both of us need to agree to achieve.

But observe how we react, that may give a clue
Fruitful actions and results may push through
Our bodily and facial expressions can tell a lot
Our thoughts are limitless, but our actions not.

However, do not think I'm just quite pretentious
Unproductive resulting to us being contentious
To be seemingly curious but ending doing none
A mutual understanding will have never begun

Everything is real. I can listen to you for hours.
Here, now, opportunity to be acquainted is ours
Just make certain you're not just lying, bluffing
Promise this, or else we both achieve nothing

So both of us perhaps have some expectations
Natural at beginning of all types of relations
Find any other topic: neutral, harsh or humane?
Quite risky, but hope next time we'll talk again

Do not hesitate. Never be ambivalent, just start.
'Til we end up talking in comfort heart-to-heart
To contribute til both of our lives would glisten
For here exists a smiling person, eager to listen


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