Never question what love is

I have been confronted several times why I give a lot of myself when I love something or someone. I end up even changing who I am just for love. Unhealthy it may seem but I will provide reasons why and how love as experienced results to unimaginable level of affection to another. This is to give answers as to how love changes individuals, even though there is really no point of asking a question about what love is. This is point of interest of this blogpost.

I am capable of loving unconditionally because I experienced it in my family.

Without question, without condition, love is just expressed. If it takes to do the impossible, to change the unchangeable, my family did that. I saw it. I felt it. I experienced it. I never asked question why because it was just the way it is. I thought that was the natural way. I did not realize that for some, love is so scarce such that they end up questioning everything how and why, being sceptic with everyone's intentions of affection. That is not the case for me. There I am very thankful and lucky.

I am capable of sacrificing myself because I saw how in my family did that for me.

There were several instances that I felt loved because others have sacrificed themselves for me. I may not agree with some of these sacrifices but my family's intention is clear - the best for us is the best thing to do regardless of what it takes. These sacrifices required sleepless nights, difficult decisions, unbearable situations, and even uncomfortable repercusions. All of these my family has tolerated for me to achieve the person I am today.

I am capable of giving more than what I have because I am product of my family doing that.

There were times in my life I could say my family almost had nothing in terms of finances. But we still had each other. My family was not perfect. Some members quarreled with each other but as I understood it now, they had conflict unto how things should be run at home, who would dominate the other. However, there was no problem with regards to making me feel loved. There were disappointments but it revolve around how love is expressed. Sometimes brutal but the message is clear - what is best for us is the family's priority. That is love I guess.

We are all capable of loving. This is my point. However, the greater reflection I would want to convey is that love starts at a young age at home. Our family becomes the breeding ground for unconditional love. A child who received love and attention from parents and family members would not hesitate to do the same when they are older. They are capable and willing to give it all because it seemed natural at home as they experienced love themselves. Thus, I apologize to those I loved before, and those who I would end up loving because my family has showered me with superfluous love such that I have nothing to fear giving the same to others. It could be too much. That is why I am sorry. 


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