Flip Flops for Life

Wearing flip flops is one of the most comfortable when going out for me. It seems to be very informal but coming from and raised in a tropical country the Philippines, it is very common for people to wear it. Although this article is not about a pair of slippers but how a pair of flip flops can be compared to how an individual lives his or her life.

Risk versus Comfort

Slippers do not provide full protection of the feet like other footwears, although it is very comfortable to wear whether one is outside or inside his or her home. It does not take time to put slippers on and is very convenient to store and clean as well.

In life, the most comfortable things are also the most risky ones. Moreover, to feel comfortable, one must risk first. This is not completely true but there is a reason for people to believe on this. Some people however seems to overdo things by risking everything including ones reputation, values and principles in exchange of short-lived comfort and pleasure. This is not what risks are all about, since individuals must take risks only to achieve long-term happiness, which brings good not just to one person but to other people as well. 

Pain versus Freedom

A slip-on is made up of a thin durable rubber. However, due to its thin soles, one can feel the texture of the ground one steps into. Should the ground be stony, the person wearing the flip flops may feel pain or discomfort. This also happens when the rubber slippers get wet and friction between the skin and the rubber such that this causes pain. On the other hand, a slip-on allows toes to move freely, which is not possible in other footwears.

In life, situations can bring one pain and freedom at the same time. Sometimes one exists without the other but these two can be two opposing forces in one's life. One of the most important question everyone needs to answer is how much pain one can endure before one decides to pursue freedom. Many times man subjects oneself to pain, compromising what he or she really wants. However, the focus on our life should not be enduring pain, rather it should be attaining freedom.

Excessive Casualness versus Simplicity

The disadvantage of wearing a slipper definitely is its inappropriateness in formal gatherings. It is generally unacceptable, although it symbolizes simplicity and even meekness on the person wearing it.

In life, man is bounded by what others are saying whether one's actions are appropriate or not. Man thinks what is good is what is socially appropriate, rather than living with a simple goal to be happy. The balance between norms and personal happiness is tough attain, especially in this modern times of rapid changes and significant social challenges.

It is quite uncustomary to compare life merely with a pair of flip flops. However, whatever medium one uses to compare life with, it does not matter as long as through the object, one appreciates more what life is. Like a pair of flip flops, one uses his or her knowledge in the journey called life.


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