Being Away from Home for a Long Time

The mere thought of coming home after several months of being away from home makes me feel very anxious. I know others feel the same. The reasons maybe complex but these are shared by everyone who went beyond their comfort zone in search of greener pastures. Here are the three most obvious reasons why I am afraid.

I do not know how I will react with bad news I do not know

This is everyone's fear. Being away for a significant length of time, family and friends would sometimes opt not to tell you some bad news, especially when it can make one confused and distracted. Instead of being able to deal with the problem, I fear if this will happen to me that I am left with no option but to cope as fast as I could, especially when I can not do something about it. Although, I just hope that I can handle pretty well. Wish me luck.

I do not know whether I could keep up with high expectations

Ofcourse, this is an inenvitable fear. People would ask how I was in the last few months. Whether I am contented with new experience in a foreign country or not, people will always say at least I am better level than them in their perspective. Some of them would make requests and not-so-well-thought advances perhaps to me. I will be honest and if I can not meet I will say so. There is no point in meeting the expectations of others. The most important thing is that I will meet my objective in coming home - to enjoy time with family and friends, not to primarily to spend or please them.

I do not know whether I am still relevant to everything I left

It is a reassuring thing that people would want one to be back and still being considered important and wanted. However, what if the contrary will happen? This makes me feel very anxious. I hope people would still remember the good things I have done and understand those things that were not. Worst in my mind is that people forgets everything. I remain optimistic that people still hold memories between them and me.

Anxiety is the fear of the unknown. Ironically, I have just stated my reasons why I am afraid. However, those reasons are filled of uncertainty.  This uncertainties will be answered once I truly come home and see reality. Whether it will be good or bad, the most important thing is how I cope afterwards.


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