Ending the Year of New Beginnings

2014 was a year characterized by bold turns in my life. It was a year that I ventured out from my comfort zone. This was a year of humble achievements and hopes for a better 2015.

New Plans

Since my options were few at the start of the year, I adjusted my plans accordingly. It takes a courage heart to do so but as I gain more experience and resources, I reviewed my previous goals and set my personal objectives high again. There were times I doubted myself if I could achieve something, especially those which are out of my control. But at the end, I found no reason to get distracted such that presently I can say I have almost the same level of optimism with that before I came to Norway.

New Jobs

The year started with my own search of a new job. It was not easy and very frustrating. I was used to being ask to work before, rather than me finding work for me. It was nearly depressing but I coped well. I just need to accept that not everytime one can get what he or she wants. However, in the middle of the year, I was trying to balance work in two areas: in the office and in various nursing homes. The variety of tasks and associations provided a good working experience, which I think will be valuable for me in the future.

New Network

Meeting new friends from different background and culture is both exciting and rewarding. At work, I meet people who have immigrant origins but were born and raised in Norway, aside from natural-born Norwegians and Scandinavians. The most challenging is finding a common ground and understanding among work colleagues, who are immigrants. I got to know more about Latin, African, Islamic and Buddhist cultures. This I have never expected before. On the other hand, although I had tough year for relationships, but I could say I gain a lot of new friends this year.

New Language

The year opened and ended being busy with learning Norwegian. It was a struggle since the process of shifting from one language to another literally gives me a headache. Since I did most the study on my own using available resources, I was confronted with a big challenge. What makes it more complex, I use English at work more often than Norwegian, although most of my colleagues is talking to me in Norwegian now most of the time. Moreover, at home, I speak my mother tongue Cebuano and communicate with other Filipinos in Tagalog or Filipino. Despite of these hindrances, I learned significantly in Norwegian as I appreciate more the people and its culture.

New Learning

To take responsibility of myself and others and to be more independent and creative in decision-making are two most important lessons this year has gave me. It was not easy but I guess my family and friends would be very proud where I am right now. The goal for them to send me to Norway is for me to learn and earn for myself and my family. It is still a long way to go, but I know I am getting there.

Life is a journey where one sees the future but lives one's life in the present time. This is how I sum up the learnings and experiences I gain from 2014. One must remain open to changes and be more dedicated in proving oneself everyday. These are the lessons I will bring with me in the coming new year.


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