One Word to Remember When Having Coughs and Colds

Coughs and colds are regarded as initial signs of an impending disorder. However, not all coughs and colds lead to a serious condition. The most proper description is that it is an attempt of the body to get rid of microorganisms to maintain balance and well-functioning.

One shivers when having colds because the body is generating enough heat for microorganisms to die naturally. This however depends on the amount and strength of the microorganism entering the body. The more and stronger it is, the body will remain in a very warm state. This is already counterbeneficial since this might cause other body organs to malfunction due to lack of water and excessive increase in metabolism.

On the other hand, cough is the body's way to expel microorganisms that has lodged in tracts leading to our lungs. One should learn that the lungs and the surrounding tracts are two of the most vulnerable body areas that microorganism enters. So, it is natural to expect that the body will not take too much time to eliminate the invading microorganism.

The key term is elimination. The faster man gets rid of the bacteria, the better. So do can man facilitate it?

Firstly, drink a lot of water and concentrated natural fruit drinks. Aside from cough, one of the most efficient way is to urinate. No one dies with too much intake of water. The body has a lot of mechanisms to control it. The body will not drown in water because it is made of water. Force to drink more than man can, but not to the point of vomiting. On the other hand, water prevents body organs from destruction since it has a cooling effect. Moreover, fruit juices contain potassium, which is strictly regulated in the body. So, high intake of this leads a person to urinate more, a good way to eliminate microorganisms.

Secondly, conserve and maintain energy level. Eating starch and meat can provide more calories, aside from helping the body rebuild itself while and even after the onslaught of the disease. Rest is important since a body in an increased metabolic state, one must not engage in activities that will use valuable energy that the body needs to reduce the amount of microorganisms.

Thirdly, have less physical contacts especially those who are more likely to get sick. Since the body is eliminating the microorganism through cough, other people may get it. Transfer of this so-called pathogens to one person is highly probable such that everyone should be watchful.

The things written perhaps are well-known already but when one get colds and cough, this article would like one to remember - elimination. Facilitating the process and controlling its negative effects are a must. So before one tries to think of take antibiotics or any medicine, think first of the word, elimination.


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