When Fate Decides

Not everyone believes on fate, because many thinks everything is within the control of our will and decisions. Perhaps, the most logical thing one could believe is that we decide for our future, but I believe on both fate and will. I have never thought fate could do so much in my life, but it has in many ways. Unexpected turn of events that no one could ever thought have made significant changes in my life, such that when fate decides, what can we do?

Fate is seemingly a path independent to our plans and aspirations. It seems to be predetermined. Many think events in our lives have been weaved out by a Supreme Being as God. Some think we are the one, who decides and make this predetermination. In my experience, I believe more on the existence of God, rather than associating everything to our will. I, myself plans almost everything that I want to happen in my life to every detail. However to my surprise, there are things better than I have thought I never realized, which happened. It did not happen once, but many times. I do not think it was just pure luck or coincidence, but it was fate or destiny.

Moreover, fate for some is closely associated with faith. Fate rules because one has faith. Faith exists in different forms. It could either be faith in God, or faith in others or ourselves. Regardless of what form it is, things happen beyond our expectation, because we have strong belief on it. Indeed, whatever we believe on could happen. However, after realizing the presence of fate, I started to make leaps of faith. But faith does not guarantee fate. Not all the time, I succeed, since fate is predetermined, this means that even how much we try to do things out faith if things are not part of our destiny, it will not happen.

This is the reason why people seem to ask God or deities in other religions to give them what they need. These people can manifest their faith on the possibility of being granted by their wish or prayer, but it is either still up to the Supreme Being to grant it, or the Supreme being determines these wishes and prayers to be part of our fate. This seems to sound people are helpless and powerless. Are we? No, we are not. The events in our lives, both expected and unexpected are attributable to fate, and our faith, will and determination. One event happens due to a mixture of it, or due to only one. However, the mystery exists with fate, since no one knows truly if it was influencing an event or not. Unlike faith, will and determination, one can describe how he or she developed it; fate is not.

Now, we know fate governs our lives, but it remains to be a mystery. So how we deal with it? Dealing with fate begins with the belief that we are not helpless or powerless. We should not solely wait for our fate to unfold itself. Although, one cannot deny the fact that fate could be purely a product of imagination or feeling. The subjective nature of fate does not eliminate its existence. For every man has once asked in one point of his or her life how and why things happened, in spite of all precautions. The answer to that is fate.

Fate must be perceived as like the game, Snakes and ladders. We decide to roll the dice. We keep strong faith and will to win the game. That is within our control. We are certain that we need to traverse the boxes in chronological order, but at times there are snakes and ladders that give us the opportunity to skip or go back several boxes. The major difference with fate and the game is that. The game depends on luck or probability set by the dice. However, fate on the other hand is already predetermined. Most importantly, although the outcome of game is unknown, like in our fate; people do not feel helpless or powerless. If people feel this, they would not see the game as fun and will never play it again.

So after holding the belief that no one should feel helpless and powerless in fate, what is next? The answer is keep the dice rolling. In life, we just need to continue. What else can we do? If fate determines that we need to step back for awhile, we should do so and learn from it. The most important thing is to have the courage, will and determination to continue. No one should believe there are mishaps or accidents for everything is part of a plan. Keep moving and learning from it. There is nothing to worry, since our task is to live today and let the future take care of itself. If we do so, we live our lives happy, and not feeling anxious on what our fate will decide upon us. :-)


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