The 14 Ironies of Love

In this season of love, I was about to make special post about love and relationships. However, I ended up not arriving with a concrete idea. Perhaps, explaining an abstract concept is challenging and unending, so I decided to present love as a concept with 14 ironies. 

Before reading them; I would like to remind that I do not intend to put this sacred gift called love in a very narrow perspective, rather I would want to provide descriptions of love based on how it is perceived in reality.

Here are the 14 ironies of love:

1. Love provides us comfort at night such that sometimes we end up crying 'til we sleep.
2. Love is a gift that sometimes we do not want to share our loved ones with others.
3. Love gives us the inspiration to be better and the reason to be exact opposite of it.
4. Love is something others wait and find, even though it is nowhere to be found.
5. Love is all about giving and being expected to unceasingly give more, even not receiving any in return.
6. Love makes our fantasy and dreams to reality. It feels so good that sometimes we want to stay dreaming and be in a continuous state of fantasy.
7. Love looks not on the outside, rather than on the inside, which is inseparable from the outside.
8. Love makes a man do crazy things and also lead for things to go crazy for man.
9. Love is as sweet as eating chocolate while having an existing toothache. Still we want more chocolates, right?
10. Love makes us see the world in a beautiful way and sometimes makes us hide from the world we live in.
11. Love is represented by red because of its warmth and passion, with its accompanying hurt, sacrifices and pain.
12. Love is never jealous such that we feel secure no matter what, even if someone better is preying on our partners.
13. Love does not cease even though our minds require it should.
14. Love is so pure and simple such that by merely thinking of it, we take so much time understanding what it means and does.

This Valentine's Day I hope we are reminded that this day is not just about giving presents to our loved ones. It is not just for those, who are in a relationship. This day is a celebration of double-edged nature of love. This love exists between family members, friends, partners etc. Sweet but bitter. That is simply the irony of love. :-)
Happy Valentine's Day everyone!


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