5 Criteria of a Dream Job

Many have asked me before why did I choose to be a nurse. It seems a valid question. Given that most knew me as someone, who is mathematically-inclined rather than in science; the question is valid. Interestingly, after I got my nursing license, I engaged myself in teaching and administrative positions and now starting to build another phase in career in real estate. So, this gives one an assumption that nursing is not my dream profession. Contrary to popular belief, it is my dream job still but how do I consider nursing as my dream job, when in fact I am trying to engage in other stuff.

Here are my criteria in considering a job as the most desired for one:

1. Less effort, less stress

Naturally, one's life is not just about what we do in work. There are other aspects we need to attend to. Should one exert almost every energy in work, one gets easily exhausted. This is the reason I diversify in work to lessen stress. There are times I work hard but there are times I take things easy without compromising gains. This means that even I work in different places and fields since I see it less stressful than focusing in one so I will continue to do so. Lastly, it is only us who will determine how to lessen stress at work.

2. Opens more opportunities

The popular mentality is to get a stable job, which becomes easier and easier as time goes by. That should not be the case. A dream job offers continuous flow of challenges for improvement. Should there be no challenge at work, one has two options: change it or diversify. However, changing job should be the last option after careful thinking and consideration of other criteria on this list.

3. Maximal gains

Gains maybe monetary, emotional or personal. All aspects must be balanced. One must find ways to double his or her income in a determined period of time. This is a rule of thumb. If this is impossible, then the job can not provide maximal gains. Diversify if one does not want to leave the current job. It is the best way to gain maximally at work. This requires, however to take risks and exert tremendous effort. Everybody knows perhaps this rule in life.

4. In line with passion

This is the most important and first consideration. A dream job must allow one to showcase and share his or her talents and abilities for self-fulfillment. One could diversify at work but none of the work assignments are in line with one's passion, then the purpose of work is defeated. Work should be like home. One must feel comfortable and familiar. Should this criteria be impossible, there is a good reason to change jobs. Diversifying would not even be sufficient if the main job does not serve any purpose to the person.

5. Provides time for oneself and others

Here lies the delicate balance. Work hard but not too much to the extent that one can not find time for oneself and for others. The good rule of thumb, one must have at least 5 days a month, which is considered free from any work-related stuff. That may not be possible but one must not be compelled to work on this free days. This means there would be no significant negative effects should one stop working in these days. Should having these free days be unbeneficial, one must try to think and focus on how to make a good balance. Changing work maybe a good option after considering diversifying work in different fields.

Ironically, being a healthcare worker would not fit the criteria I guess. It is stressful, demanding, seems stagnant and pays relatively low in the Philippines. Well I beg to disagree, should I have not been educated as a nurse, I would not end up becoming a teacher. Now, I see myself working as a nurse, educator, administrator and a real estate practitioner. I would love to continue to work in health care. I would just need to create or find the working environment that I desire, especially in the Philippines. Then, things will go towards the better and my dream job.

Lastly, a dream job is not about where and what one does at work. A dream job is determined by how it changes one and how it facilitates changes for the better for oneself and for others. A dream job maybe composed of several jobs or a single job. What matters most is finding and striking the balance between work and other aspects in life, which provides opportunity for happiness.


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