5 Possibilities When A Filipino Hears Only Good News

Have you ever wondered how would life be different if everything we hear and experience is only good news? That may sound impossible. It is impossible but what if we take this hypothetical scenario within the Filipino society. What could we learn perhaps from it?

How would a typical Filipino react if everything seems to be in order? Here I list some of my guess and assumptions should this situation happen.

1. A Filipino would think there would be no tomorrow.

We simply are not used to experiencing good. There are two reasons for this. Firstly, we seldom experience it. Secondly, we think that is impossible. So should things become perfect, we would tend to abuse and misuse whatever positive we are experiencing. We would not think whether there is tomorrow. Why should we? We even do not think and genuinely hope things might be the same the next day.

2. A Filipino would doubt if things are true.

A general Filipino rule is that if there exists something good, doubt it. Doubt it and do not ever believe it can be true, or else you end up in bad light in the end. Even a Filipino is experiencing good things, he or she would naturally ask another person several times or if not, all the time whether things are really true. We simply do not have the ability to believe that something good is actually happening. Sometimes, the good times have passed when we finally realize that it was actually good.

3. A Filipino would still find something wrong.

In a typical mind, nothing is simply good or excellent. A Filipino tends to have a more critical eyes over something good than the opposite counterpart. As a matter of fact, we would choose less than something that is nearly perfect. So, should we hear only good news, we will always find faults in the situation and most especially the people involved.

4. A Filipino would think it is due to karma or previous good deed or sacrifice.

Since most Filipinos think they are religious even though they really are not, a good experience is always attributed to something in the past. Almost everybody believes that everything we have is something we deserve and that a good thing comes only with tremendous effort and sacrifices. In short, one must suffer first before one could experience short-lived happiness. Therefore, should everything turns out to be perfect, we try to find reasons to explain such things are happening. Thereafter, these reasons are shared and encouraged whether it is valid or logical.

5. A Filipino would worry more than be happy.

An average Filipino would be more anxious about a happy state. Perhaps, we feel more comfortable with a sad state. We simply are used to bad news such that we worry when something breaks the chain of sadness. We worry on whether this would last longer, or if it is deserved, or if something is wrong. Therefore, we simply can not relax in a state of happiness. Our minds are thinking way beyond what reality presents us, as well as the fantasy of having good life.

This post simply seeks to answer how a typical Filipino would respond and deal with a seemingly perfect world. Although a perfect society does not exist, but if there would be, Filipinos would be the last one to believe its reality and enjoy it. That is just how we think and respond. It may sound weird or different but that is just the way we are. Perhaps this will change should a perfect society really do exist.


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