My Dream School of the Future

The current development on education (K-12) in the Philippines provides me an inspiration to pursue an ambitious project in the next 2 decades of my life. I certainly have plans on my mind, but I do not know where to start and how to realize it entirely. So, I am publishing this post, because I wanted to know if there are people, who could help me and share my vision.

Here is my concept of the school of the future in the Philippines.

It is composed of three tiers: senior high school, undergraduate and post-graduate studies.

Firstly, I would truly want to prepare students for college and universities during their senior high school years. I would want to offer three different courses: (1) science and mathematics, (2) business and entrepreneurship, and (3) humanities and social sciences. This courses will be offered simultaneously and will meet the basic requirements of Department of Education. However, I would want to offer students additional subjects, such as in Business Management, Ethics, Political Science, Biochemistry, Foreign Languages, Health Education, Logic, Advanced Mathematics and Human Anatomy and Physiology. These courses will be offered according to the pace and capacity of the student and will be facilitated by teacher-facilitators, virtual tutors and website-based curriculum.

Secondly, I do not intend to make my own college or university, but I would want to make a supplementary program for all colleges and universities, instead. The problem lies on the implementation of courses among higher education institutions. I am thinking of developing a web-based supplementary instructional materials, which guides teachers, allows sharing of expertise in instruction and dissemination of research undertakings among different schools, and provides high quality education tailormade according to the individual student needs.

Personally, I am preparing for this. I am a nurse and planning to get licenses which are business and education-related. I am aiming for me to finish this within the next 5 years. It is possible also for me to take up Doctorate studies focusing on Developmental Education. I have now a possible dissertion title, which I am excited to start engaging with. This is where I need help, since I need people to keep putting the standards high and perhaps invest in anyway possible in this venture. On the other hand, I would want to get a deanship position wherever it is possible for me to start putting this plan into reality. In which field and when, that remains to be the question.

Thirdly, my plan of putting a post-graduate education institution is more probable than the first two. This institution will cater the needs of those who graduated and possibly looking for better career opportunities. I am thinking of a CHED, TESDA, national and foreign-accredited institution which offers courses from local and foreign languages, skills and competency enhancement, personality development, support services and exam preparation courses. The courses will follow a flexible cost-efficient curriculum using web-based resources and effective monitoring schemes. For now, I have coined the name, Project One for this. I am thinking of a one-stop learning institution for everyone and anyone.

The last part is very realistic, since I already started some of my initiatives on this area. Although there are current service providers similar to what the plan could offer, but I will make sure that at Day 1, things are laid out even imperfections are expected. The web-based resource and books must be available before that day. I already a plan on marketing such that the plan will be financially feasible. I will use Project One as a springboard for the first two plans.

Twenty years will be long. It will be. For now, I am in Norway. The pathway seems to be complicated. I will just follow where my footsteps will lead me. My experience here would certainly help me. Even I am living and working here, I have already laid to-do-lists for me to realize my dream school of the future.

Will you help me in this endeavour?


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