The Future of Certainties and Uncertainties

No one knows about the future, but we can influence how we can shape our future. This is something I always believed since I was young. And so, this has led me to think that with grit personality I would achieve something in the future. Fortunately, all my efforts and sacrifices have paid off until I decided to start anew in Norway. Here, things changed and my experiences have somehow how I perceived the future.

To describe in the easiest possible means, the future for me is filled with both certainties and uncertainties. The difference between the two opposing concepts is control. There are things that are within our control, capacities and compentencies, which yields certainties in life. By saying certainties, the probability is high enough to consider it happening in reality. Personally speaking, I have already fathomed my limitations and strengths, such that I gain confidence in the various fields I am good at.

On the other hand, there exists uncertainties. This is something we, with Type A personalities do not like. We definitely want to believe that with hardwork, focus and determination, one could avoid uncertainties. Perhaps, this is true most of the time, especially when a person gained understanding and adequate experience to anticipate what will happen. However, uncertainties can also be due to decisions that is made in behalf of ourselves or will affect us without a way to control the process in and responsible person for decision-making.

The mixture of certainties and uncertainties creates a confusing present atmosphere, especially when dealing with multitude of considerations and aspects. In my life, going back in the Philippines is an easy choice to do. I can work when, where and how I want to. Unlike living in Norway, there is no need for me to prove myself to people who are either skeptic on or careful about my knowledge and skills. In this way, many life uncertainties arised since the authority to decide does not solely lie on me.

To make the situation worse but challenging, in Norway there is always a time element in every step. There is haste in finding a stable job. Impatience  exists in undergoing the long process even though good chances seem to be minimal. Everyday seems to be a struggle of so many factors that presses me to near breakdown. For now, I am coping well but I recognize that things are getting rough such that I feel unused to the feeling of no control, such that going back to my home country becomes a very attractive option to take.

What I can do is to deal with it by taking everyday one at a time. This maybe difficult to do, but I remain optimistic that things will fall in its proper place. Perhaps, it would be smart to plan and act accordingly for both certainties and uncertainties simultaneously. In this way, one sees a general perspective of real situation, deciphering each thing that comes in the future.


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