Embrace Change

The only constant in the world is change. It is a popular statement that is easy to understood, but hardly embraced in reality for most of us will settle for something non-risky and reflective of status quo. This will always yield a constant struggle for anyone who is caught in a whirlwind of change that may not be destructive rather the opposite, but still change itself become a  tremendous force one could not fathom or manage with ease.

As I start my work in a new work place, I have learned to adapt perhaps well as I experienced previously in various places as an on-call personel. I consider it as a positive strong factor why things perhaps are going pretty well in spite of the new routine and workmates. The learning curve is so steep that there are tasks I never did before I actually do it with efficiency now. Although the process of learning itself has been a challenge due to my language limitations, requiring me to do more such that after each of my duty, I feel very tired. However, this does not give a rationale for me not to embrace change. Tasks could be many but still these tasks rely primarily on how time is managed efficiently.

To add, I am currently enrolled in several studies both in Norwegian and English. Those studies revolve around different topics that it would be impossible to make some shortcuts with assignments and reading tasks. My Todoist mobil app is full of unfinished tasks daily. This has made me preoccupied and at least overwhelmed. I admit I really did not intend to start these studies but these courses were part of my backplan two months ago if getting a working contract would be impossible for immigration purposes. Now, since I have began with it so I need to finish it. Given I do not usually back out from challenges, I vow to myself I will continue these for I believe there is a reason for it in the first place. These changes maybe difficult at first but I just need to embrace it wholeheartedly.

Aside from that, I needed to accept the challenge of pursuing the completion of my license as a full-pledged in Norway. This I have been working for several months and I got a response I actually expected. The Norwegian authorities gave me three requirements, which can be accomplished within four to six months. Luckily, my supervisor is supportive about it such that they could help me with it. I did not just get a new job, but also very supportive supervisors. There is no stated deadline but it is I who set the deadline of few months so things are done correctly and promptly. The response gave me the feeling of excitement as this provides an idea on how other educated Filipino nurses could get EU nursing license. This is something I am focused on doing simultaneously reaping benefits on my own carreer as well. This new event has put a significant burden on me, both on the personal and the social level. On how I will accomplish this together with a full-time work and various studies, this is something unknown. I will just have to do it as my supervisor said to encourage me. Thus, I just have to embrace the upcoming changes and challenges associated with it.

There are still other things I am concerned of. However, I choose not to think about it. As the Norwegian saying goes to take one step at one time, I will live one day at a time. Although I am taking several things in one day, I will live my day one at a time. What needs to be done must be done without forcing myself excessively to its limits. What matters is that I stay healthy and happy because all these tasks are not the primary reason why I live. Those reasons of my life will stay and remain my priority in spite of these changes.


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