When Laziness Strikes

Why are we lazy sometimes? Is it because it is a natural tendency for humans to feel it. Alternatively, it is because we are easily affected by the things we see in our environment, such that we mimic the behaviors of others like inaction. This is the focus of my blogpost.

In stress reactions, there is a phenomenon we call fight and flight response in which either our body and psyche will confront all stress-producing events, or opts not to deal with them at all. From this, we can say that human can be lazy when the things and tasks we must accomplish either no longer challenges us or simply overwhelming us. So, sudden change in the quality and quantity of to-do list can lead one to be lazy or the opposite enthusiastic response. Thus, to counteract laziness, it is crucial to adjust these lists of actions. Take it easy. Remove the most demanding and hope things become better, instead of getting worse.

On the other hand, laziness can be an influence of the culture and environment. This is to say that one considers laziness as acceptable behavior when almost everyone is doing such. This highlights human's social element that serves as a significant factor in an individual. However, it can also be said that a human being may assert its uniqueness through being lazy-different among surrounding multitude of handworking individuals. This means that a person interacts positively or negatively on a particular situation.

In addition, monotony in one's perspective could contribute to laziness. This could actually be related to the first argument on laziness on stress reactions. This is because when one thinks almost the same thing at the same magnitude and level, the meaning of doing tasks is lost in the process. Indeed, variety in the things to do and the philosophy one utilizes could aid one to both widen the understanding of the world, and eventually reduces the risk of inaction as a manifestation of laziness. This argument, however opens the possibility of a solution of laziness, which is variety and nobility.

Lastly, a problem never stops when no situation or person provides a reason to change. This is quite challenging for lazy individuals or persons experiencing laziness because in the middle of their laziness, they would desire more laziness than change. Thus, choosing the easiest and adapted solution to that person is appropriate. Perhaps, going out or experiencing things anew would help. By the way, that is what I personally am doing right now. God bless me with this temporary period of laziness.


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