My Nephew, Our Little Boy

It was three years ago when my nephew was born prematurely, just over 6 months, the theoretical age of viability. As a nurse, I could do nothing but wait and explain to my parents, my grandfather and relatives what is happening. I was never prepared for such situation personally and professionally. I never worked in the neonatal intensive care unit before, but I am quite aware of the procedures being done. So seeing my nephew on phototherapy with endotracheal tube and with intravenous infusion and constant monitoring of his vital signs, I understood that the situation is way critical than we thought. Nevertheless, all of us were acting tough for whatever will happen, prepared to comfort my sister, who just came out from the recovery room after the C├Žsarean operation.

One month after, just in time for my birthday and send-off party for Norway; my nephew, Francis Anthony came out of the hospital to be with us at home. That was quite a special day, because on my 26th birthday is my nephew's baptism also. We celebrated life that time. Now, my nephew is a toddler. He amazes us when he speaks and shows off what he can. He goes to school so his behavior has been improving and more social in characteristic. He is just like a typical little boy, but he is special in his own way. We are continuously helping him to achieve his optimum level of functioning. We are doing everything we could and we take special precautions with everything in relation to him. However, that is quite expected of us, for a family with a sweet boy like Francis.

Having Francis in the family, somehow affected the family dynamics. Suddenly, everyone gave more attention to my nephew. Noticeably, my niece, the elder sister was quite affected in a way. I hope she gets to fully understand the situation later on. I personally trust her, and I think everyone thinks she is doing well in school. The situation may make her jealous of the attention my nephew gets, but if she reads this, I want to reassure her that we are doing everything to give them the best future they could ever get. That is our goal. We will continue further.

My nephew and my niece are the future of our family. I and my sister are here in Norway to prepare the way for them to have a better life. If they decide to come or live in Norway, our plan is to make it less difficult and stressful as possible. The same way, if they decide to be in the Philippines, we will make sure that they have the resources they need and want. Ofcourse, in the process, we will make sure that they become responsible, mature, empathic, and good citizens and individuals. I know there are problems and challenges within the family they are into. But I hope those who are involved in these problems would spare the two young children. It is inevitable, but one could intentionally avoid affecting them. The result ofcourse is another question, but just attempt to protect them, or else I would stand against those who will deliberately hurt them.

Honestly, it is quite difficult to write about my nephew, without mentioning my niece, my family, their future, or my sister. My nephew is turning three years old today. He speaks decently. He could better, and we hope he will improve further significantly. He could count and identify all letters of the alphabet, make my parents dance and play with his sister and his toys. We get to see some video clips him doing something, mostly playing and entertaining. He is into gadgets as well. He could identify objects and remembers names of the people he saw and met. He could understand commands in Cebuano and English. There are still many things he could do. But for now, these are the things he is capable of. We are happy and strives to keep him healthy, safe, happy and comfortable. He is our little boy and he is name after the pope and a saint. I do not think he will be a pope or a saint, but being a good, prudent and socially-aware person is enough for us.

We love you Francis Anthony. Happy 3rd Birthday.


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