Sopot, Poland: A Cozy Resort Town

Sopot is city port between Gdansk and Gdynia. All of these cities are located in Pomerelia. The history of Sopot is closely associated with Gdynia. Both cities were captured by the German and under influence the Soviet Union. It was incorporated with the city of Gdynia before being getting a city status. The beautiful resort hotels in the city port is direct contrast to the humble beginnings of small Slavic settlement. Like the other cities in Pomerelia, Sopot reflects a part of European history that is worth remembering. This led me to visit this Polish city on the Baltic coast.

1.     Kościół garnizonowy pw. św. Jerzego

The Roman Catholic Parish of St. George is a parish of civil-military. The chaplaincy is for the inhabitants of Sopot and Gdynia soldiers. It was funded by the last royal couple of the Prussian Empire.

2.     Bohaterów Konte Cassino

The Monte Cassino Street in Sopot is pedestrian used to be part of the Free City of Danzig. The street is the location of some shops, hotels and clubs.

3.     Krzywy Domek

The crooked little house was built in 2004, which is part of shopping center. It is situated along the Monte Cassino Street.

4.     Plac Przyjaciół Sopotu

This is called the Friends Square in Sopot. It is connected to the Monte Cassino Street and leading to the Lighthouse.

5.     Latarnia Morska

This is a beacon on the Polish coast of the Baltic Sea. Today, it is no longer used as a lighthouse but the observation tower is open to the public.

6.     Dom Zdrojowy

The Spa House is a commercial building on the Friends Square, and opposite to the pier. Historically, the first spa house was built in the 18th century. It was only reconstructed in 2006 after decades of being in ruins after the capture of the city by the Soviet Red Army.

7.     Skwer Kuracyjny

The Therapeutic Square is the land area of the resort, where there is a beautiful fountain, band shell, lighthouse and some greenery. The square can hold mass events and winter ice activities.

8.     Molo w Sopocie

The Sopot Pier was built as a pleasure pier and as a mooring point for cruise boats. It is considered the longest wooden pier in Europe, stretching from the middle of the beach, a popular venue for recreation and health walks.

9.     Sopot-Hel

The Hel Peninsula is sand bar peninsula in northern Poland, separating the Bay of Puck and the open Baltic Sea. It was part of Germany before the defeat of Central Powers in First World War and the creation of the Polish state. The peninsula had a military significance being fortified and stocked with garrisons and artillery.

10.  Puck Bay

It is the western branch of the Bay of Gdansk with ports available for boats and yachts. It is also popular for fishing.

11.  Skwer Bowiena

Bowiena Square is where the Church of the Savior in Sopot. It is a peaceful spot where the Church of Savior is located in the resort city.

12.  Kościół Zbawiciela

The Church of the Savior in Sopot is a Lutheran church, but does not carry the title of the cathedral. It was built during the First World War.

Sopot is a majestic small Polish city on the Baltic coast, with a magnificent view of the Bay of Puck. I believe Sopot has added a different flavor of the Polish Tricity in Pomerelian province. It is a cozy place for sailors, tourists and even residents to enjoy the activities along the Baltic coast. A visit for the second time is certainly worth it. 


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