5 Types of Advantage

There are few people in this world, who are considered lucky or has the advantage over others, such whatever they do and endeavour they take they have the great chance of succeeding. Moreover, if they would fail, it would be less difficult still for them to stand up and move on towards their intended goals. Those are people, who has the advantage. The various kinds of advantage will be enumerated and discussed in this blogpost.

Innate advantage

This refers to knowledge, skills and attitude that are given at birth, or through the early years of one's life. There was no effort or intention of acquiring them. These advantages just developed without any significant intervention. Intelligence could be great advantage, unless not further enhanced. Being born from a wealthy family could be an innate advantage, such that one's surname gives itself pride, power and authority over others.

Acquired advantage

There is a thin line between innate and acquired. Intelligence could actually be classified as both.  The delineation lies on the amount of effort one gives to possess knowledge, skills and attitude. Diligence could be learned, which is a crucial step in developing grit personality, necessary for success. Language and practical skills, as well as talents in music and arts are acquired, in which time and effort spell the difference between novice and perfection.

System advantage

Sometimes, it is the system that we are in that facilitates things for us. Being coincidentally employed in a good company maybe a system advantage, or perhaps being born in a rich country with an effective system that meets the needs of its citizens. The advantage is no longer personal but system-wide. This advantage benefits not just one but almost all being exposed to the system at hand. The corollary is true, when a person is part of a useless system, in one way or another, it would hinder one from achieving their full potential.

Situational advantage

The situation that we are in is quite unstable and unpredictable. The friends and acquaintances we have could provide us advantage. Their network of friends could also offer one benefits that others could never get. Living near a big company or have studied in a nearby renowned university are also situational advantages. These are not part of the system, but are associatdd with the things we do by day-to-day basis.

Luck advantage

There is such luck. Not everyone has it, because it is luck in itself. It is rare, almost impossible, and sometimes devoid of logic and reason. They just happen in a moment, such that will give one the wild card to resolve a problem, or get the edge one aspires for. Timing is also luck in itself, when things occur at times they need to, such that being early or delayed would present a significant disadvantage. Moreover, there is nothing that could explain it. It is luck and itself an advantage.

No matter what kind of advantage a person has, it is indeed crucial for us to set our perspective on the positive areas of our lives. One has to celebrate everything one has, regardless of whether it will give a great advantage or not. One need not to think that others are better, such that no matter what we do, that will never be beneficial in keeping up with them. Everyone has an advantage, and everyone are encouraged to utilize them not just for one's benefit, but also for others.


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