What Christmas Means To Me This Year

When I was younger, the yuletide season has always made me feel excited and happy, regardless of how we celebrated it. There were difficult times for my family such that we could never afford to celebrate Christmas in the extravagant manner others could. It was simple but during those times, what matters most is the time I spend with my family. I think that is the essence of Christmas. However, this year something is different, my primary family is away in the Philippines. Although I had built a new network of individuals whom I consider part of my family in Norway, the fact that I am still long for Filipino Christmas. But to how my view on Christmas has changed this year is something interesting.

From religious to being more reflective

It is part of the Philippine tradition to attend religious activities during Christmas. These activities certainly provides more meaning to the Yuletide season. It is the time of sharing and celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ, the saviour of mankind. However, Christmas may not be seen by others in a religious way. Christmas is a time where happiness is shared and time for reflection. What matters is not whether we attended all religious activities, rather what we have reflected on everything we have done in our lives. That is something everyone we should reflect upon.

From gradiose to being more simple

It is customary that people buy gifts for others and themselves. After all, Christmas falls on the twelfth and last month of the year. Expensive material things could mean rewards and incentives we give to ourselves and share to others for all the effort we have exerted in the past year. However, these things are not what Christmas is all about. The simple things matter most, like how we make use of our time for others and ourselves. That is the greatest reward we could get. Life after all is not all work and others. We should live our life the way we should.

From being more outward to being more inward

Filipino celebrate Christmas in the loudest possible means. People celebrate with the most number of people possible. That is part of the Christmas tradition. There is nothing wrong with that. But sometimes what people forget is that what others see and do outward maybe conflicting with what is inside. Should we show to others that we are happy, then we should indeed be happy and contented inside. This is my wish for Christmas, and I know this is a gift that is timeless and worthless.

Changes are the only constant thing in this world. Our views changed as well as our feelings towards others. Christmas will always be a special day for everyone. It will always be celebrated differently. Everyone looks forward to it but what is different is how Christmas means to us celebrating it. Merry Christmas to everyone!


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