Happiness is Like a Glass of Water

The constant struggle of finding and experiencing happiness is always present. Many people try different ways to achieve a state of satisfaction and contentment that people seem to observe from others than being innately within themselves. This makes happiness seem a phenomenon of the third person than being owned. The reason perhaps why we think this way is that we see happiness more than how we should see a plane glass of water. This blogpost will focus on this.

When you see a glass of water what would you think? Do you think of the glass that contains the water? Do you seem to make expectations on what the water should be before you drink it, cold or warm or perhaps sparkling? Do you think of water only when you are thirsty or not? These are the guide questions, this blogpost will revolve around to make an analogy between happiness and a glass of water.

The Glass

What shows on the outside is not necessarily what is inside. The glass sometimes influence our thirst. We human beings are very visual. Water is not just a fluid to drink. It must be contained within a glass. Many prefer glasses to be colored, but many expects water to be in a transparent glass of various shapes. The glass improves the overall experience of drinking, but the fact remains it is still the same water we drink. The taste will never change based on the outward appearance of the glass. In the same way, happiness is not what we show others, it is what we feel inside. This is the reason why happiness is subjective. What makes us happy, may not be the same with another. Moreover, the standards set by others on us do not in anyway affect our happy experiences. There are things and actions that maybe socially-unacceptable, but makes one happy. Do what makes you happy. Those standards are anywhere, but happiness is something rare and elusive.

The Water Quality

Our expectations make our lives difficult. They limit us from achieving our potentials, and even knowing another to the fullest. If we only drink water when it is cold, or if has certain qualities, then we lose the essence of drinking water. We drink because we need to. There is no difference between drinking plain water and any of its variations. It is still the same isotonic fluid that our body needs. On another comparison, happiness does not require anything. There should be no expectations before reaching the state of happiness. It is simply fluid and at the moment. One needs not to suffer to be happy. One needs not to be with another to be happy. Simpy, happiness and expectations do not fit on the same picture. If one attempts to force them into a compound, then that state is not worthy being called happiness. It is an expectation disguised on the premise of happiness.

The Need of Water

There are many who only drink water when they need it. As a matter of fact, one need not to wait the feeling of thirst before one could drink. Thirst is a manifestation that the body is in a state of insufficiency, such that the brain instructs the whole body to initiate mechanism triggering fluid craving and conservation. On the same way, we should not seek happiness during times when we think we should be happy. This is perhaps a mistake. Attempt to find happiness during the low periods is useless cover-up. Deal with what is the problem at hand, and decide to be happy on the process of getting better, or solving the problem. Therefore, there is no right time to be happy, except all the moments one is given the opportunity to breathe. Happiness is not a solution to a deficiency, instead it is a reason to concretely fill up those deficiencies while still staying happy.

This blogpost seeks to remind everyone that happiness is not focused on what is outward, what is expected or what is needed. Happiness is a state that requires nothing. The reason why many people think happiness is only felt by the people around, and not by themselves is that because they set standard on what will make them happy. Happiness does not require these standards. It is a decision to be happy today, independent of what happened before, or what will happen in the future. In the same way, one takes a glass of water at a moment to quench thirst perhaps, not thinking of how was the experience drinking similar glass of water before, or what will be on the next glass. Today, at the moment is when happiness is experienced. Do whatever is useful to make oneself happy.


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