Someone Will Always Be Better, Smarter, Stronger

There is one truth in this world that everyone should learn. There is a fantasy that life is as easy as it is such that one could be one of the best, smartest and strongest. The world is simply a tough competition place to live in. The pessimistic reality is that the world we live in is not helping us to become one of the smartest, best or strongest. There will always be better, smatter and stronger; and this is the focus of this blogpost.

Being better is always relatively subjective.

One's standard for oneself is always subjective and continuously change from one time to another. This is simply the case. However, in spite of personal goals have been varying from time to time. People tend to compare oneself to another. There is always that inner human basic need to feel better than anyone. One needs to show this of to be able to feel this. However, this need is usually not satisfied. Even though people tend to do more, spend more time to be better, there is still a general dissatisfaction on what we as individuals could actually achieve. Everything seems not enough, or perhaps we feel we are still doing not adequate to live up to our expectations even though in reality we are. In our mindsite, there is always someone better. It is true, both in our mind and even in the actual world in fact.

We are no longer becoming smarter

The greatest irony in the advent of information technology is that people have easy access to vast amount of information, but using them to transform them to knowledge and wisdom is exercise we are not so good at. More information nowadays means reaching our saturation point very quickly such that we no longer want to thirst for more information. The motivation to gain more valuable and usable data is alarmingly low. We read but we no longer digest enough what we are reading is about. Applying what we read, obtained, or simply heared is something difficult for most of us. It is easier to say nice "to know," instead of saying "it was indeed to beneficial to know it." In general, the trend is according to inferences, going to the downside. We are not becoming smarter. We are instead becoming more data saturated without learning and making use out of it.

We have many challenges to become stronger.

What we see in the television, social media and advertisements would not necessarily represent what the common person has as attributes. We have more limitations than we actually believe. That is simply the fact. It is ofcourse great for people to aspire something beyond one's limits, but the odds of even fulfilling something positive partly is significantly difficult and slim. Accepting our weakness could have been the better option for all of us, thereafter work on them to maximize what is possible rather dreaming of something one for the moment has no capacity to attain. The challenges and hindrances are enormous, such that possibility of even getting the honor being one of the strongest is low. However, this does not mean we do not need to do something on these challenges. It is ofcourse allowed to attempt, but to hope for is another thing.

The use of the suffix -er denotes what kind of society we have actually created nowadays. Everyone seems more concerned over oneself than what is the common good. There is more emphasis on survival than social cooperation. It is understandable. This phenomenon shows what we see more ourselves in relation to others, rather we belonging to a general cohesive population. This blogpost would like to provide a challenge to everyone. Would it better to accept someone is better, smarter and stronger, and accept the inferiority so one would have the meekness to ask help, receive assistance, and eventually contribute not just for one's benefit but also for the entire society.


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