The Five Presents

It was not worse as we thought it would be. It was even better. Things have been going so well for you. These are the thoughts that can describe how I see where you are right now. Well, it was  even difficult making a post which I usually do every year because I just want you to remain like what you are today. However, since it is birthday, let me mark this day with the gifts you got or perhaps going to get from me. Let me explain why I gave them to you.

Dried Fruits

Well, a reminder that you need to take care of your heart literally. Potassium. Potassium. What is your heart for without regular and rhythmic beats, right? I ate some of it so I bought again. Hide them before I start eating them again. Note: I did not buy the Philippine dried mangoes. Ofcourse, they will just be consumed before I come to visit you.

Amber earrings

Well, I just I thought of it while I was in Vilnius, Lithuania. It was not so expensive but I thought you need a pair of earrings not so heavy as pearls. You know some ears need to be stitched because of heavy earrings. Note: Ambers symbolize natural beauty. Stay natural as you are. Wait! It has also healing properties. Well, you need it perhaps for some sort of craziness. Haha.

Pearl-Silver Bracelet

Oh I did buy it. I just have to find it where it is. Remind me where it is. But forget it, I will not remember it. Haha. Ofcourse, I know you like pearls and silver. The bracelet was beautiful as far as I remember it. I just do not remember where it is now. At home in Oslo perhaps haha. You know I have never bought jewelry to a woman before. God, I regret it was not a little bit expensive for my first jewelry gift. Psst. Do not tell mama about it. Hehe.


Obviously, you are becoming legally blind. You have difficulty seeing. I have arranged your time with an optometrist but behave. Your behavior is the deciding factor of the price of the eyeglasses. The more kind you are, the more the eyeglasses will have NO value. Hehe. Behave badly, then no eyeglasses. That is a good condition right? Win-win solution for me! Remember, No reactions and behave!

My presence ofcourse 😊

Well. The dizziness-provoking tour northward is I guess an experience itself. Well. But ofcourse it is your birthday, so I deserve a free day. Hehe. That sounds selfish for me to say. Nevertheless, the effort is there. You know nothing stands in between us. Just a wall literally hihi. No jokes now. Just serious things. So see a drama series so you'll cry. Hehe.

Next year, you will not get presents. Haha!   
So be kind and prettier. Hehe.
I will send invoice for the price of those presents. Hihi.
So I expect five presents in my birthday okay? Hohoho.
You are becoming a little bit older now and so I am. Huhuhu.

Happy Birthday Ate Doy Doy. Talk a little bit less. I love you from the bottom of my bottomless heart. ❤❤❤ Pablo


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