Never Never Again (Poem)

Life will never be the same again.
As a result of being treated in disdain
Looking back will never be enough.
Perceived reality was just like a bluff
Regret will never be an option either.
Even for me such an optimist believer
Everything revolves on moving forward.
Strong-willed now; that’s straightforward.

This will be a marathon pressing on to a line.
Using all stamina and power against a decline
Never again to be fooled by trolls of the north
Not like a lively dance step back and forth.
All other alternatives are self-destructive.
Even the best suggestions are unproductive.
There is no other better option either I see.
Make things easy for me - that is my plea
Nothing makes the situation better but this.
Any reconsiderations are definitely dismissed
Things have permanently changed for weeks.
Just downturns, no more recoveries or peaks
It was painful enough to induce silence in me
Never visioned you going against me beastly
Never imagined what situation I was even in.
Dirty and nasty - made me feel like a trash bin
Like shattered glass, trust can never be regained.
My plans and good intentions are now restrained
There were attempts in the past; still all in vain.
I did all I can but all ended in excruciating pain
Ending seems to be drastic even so necessary.
Enthusiasm and joy are missing, now feels wary
Just assume as if death is only greater than this.
Looks like perished pulseless ones yet in bliss


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