14 Types of Travelers - Determine Your Type

Almost everyone wants to travel. Wherever or whatever the purpose may it be, the most important is to break free from the daily routine we have. Due to individual differences and intentions, there exists a number of various types of travelers. In several websites, one could find several ways to categorize these travelers, however, there is a problem in trying to see the uniqueness of each type. Some types as stated in other sources are actual sub-categories of the another. Due to this, I came up of my classification, based on responses to common question pertaining to one's travel personality.

Below you can follow through the questions and their expected responses. After that you can share to me what type of traveler are you.
From the diagram above, here are the 14 types of travelers:

1.     Budget Traveler - a traveler who does not care about where he or she goes as long as it is within his or her budget
2.     Planer – a traveler who is very obsess of details and follows them strictly
3.     Meditator – a traveler who wants to be alone, regardless of where they are.
4.     Pleasure-seeker – a traveler who wants to be with the group in parties and social gatherings that is full of excitement and pleasure
5.     Adventure-lover – a traveler who engages in adventure with others, specifically extreme sports and challenging expeditions
6.     Escapist – a traveler who appreciates quiet environment, whether alone or not.
7.     People-oriented – a traveler who wants to be with the people in the destination area and prefers noisy fun-filled social chit chats.
8.     Historical-culture buff – a traveler whose primary aim is to rediscover archeological sites and experience cultural festivities.
9.     Busy Traveler – a traveler who cannot leave work and important tasks behind
10. Helpless Traveler – a traveler who has problems with following directions and would opt to be with another or go to pre-planned tours instead.
11. Repeater – a traveler who keeps coming back to a place which has a special meaning to him or her
12. Techie-blogger – a traveler whose aim to share his or her experience through Facebook, blog or Instagram for either personal, educational or multitude of reasons
13. High-End tourist – a traveler who values luxury and would opt to go to places of high value, regardless of who they are with, or where they are. Relaxation is important for them.
14. Explorer – a traveler who is a little of everything of all types mentioned above. They are the average travelers.

The type of travel personality is very important especially for the stakeholders in the tourism industry. Understanding the type of travel can give valuable information on how to best meet their travel needs, balancing cost and convenience without compromising experience. Bottomline, traveling becomes a need now for human beings, instead of being a want. It is something our mind needs for us to reflect on the things we have made in our lives and act appropriately thereafter.


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