Taking Chances

The actual direction of where our lives will go is something everyone wants to know. However, no matter how we try, we can never fathom everything on it. We pray and hope for better things to come. Sometimes, we simply take chances.

What are chances? This is what I will tackle in this blogpost. This is quite reflective of where I am today in my life and will definitely serve as a guide in the future for decision-making and career planning. Hence, these are the three important assumptions about chances:

Chances are options.

People who seems depressed and hopeless simply run out of options in solving one's problem. Everything is perceived to be tough and impossible in these people's minds. On the contrary, these individuals really have options, but they are not willing to make the chance. This is because they do not have the courage to take responsibility of the possible outcomes their decisions would yield. Thus, it does not matter how many good options we have in finding solutions to our problems. What matters most is to take the chance like leap of faith to take a step forward even results are uncertain ahead.

Chances is both anticipated and unanticipated risk.

There are two types of chances based on the nature of the problem at hand. The first type is used when we are in almost full control of the situation. We can expect what will happen based on logic, instinct and experience; such that risks can be antincipated and addressed beforehand. On the other hand, the second cluster is composed of risks founded in utmost uncertainty. Decisions are to be made by others or perhaps the situation is completely dependent on a system, institution or another event, which is not under one's control. These risks are considered complicated and at a high level, but the potential rewards that comes after successfully overcoming such risk is equally tremendously high.

Chances yields opportunities.

One action results to another action. This shows how dynamic life can be. The corollary is quite true as well; such that when a person opts not to take action regardless of the uncertainty level, that person must not expect that opportunities will come by luck afterwards. Inaction yields nothing but status quo. Change results when something has been done. This means that when a person take chance, either he or she will have better or worse situation thereafter. However, whatever happens those who take chances will never be afraid to make another attempt until they reach desired goals in life.

As a summary, chances are considered pathways to what an individual wants to achieve. These however does not guarantee positive results or rather failures. Indeed, it is a gamble such that no one knows what happens in the next stage of one's life chapter. However, what is certain is those who have achieved more took their chance before reaching a high feat. Hence, this continues to motivate us to do the same.


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